What is the difference between Wood, Crystal and Brass Pendulums?

Typically any pendulum can be used for dowsing assignments but the shape, form and material contribute to how a pendulum performs in the dowser’s hand.

Pendulums are manufactured from a variety of materials but the most common are brass, crystal and wood. So, does it matter from what material a pendulum is made from?

Conical Beech Wood Pendulum


Conical Beech Wood Pendulum
Conical Beech Wood Pendulum

Wood Pendulums are considered neutral because they are less affected by incidental radiations in the environment such as electrical, magnetic and other subtle external emanations.

These pendulums are good for diagnostic work when working closely with people where the energy fields of the dowser and the client are in close proximity.

Because of their neutral disposition wood pendulums work well for any dowsing assignments.

Wood Pendulums are typically larger than either brass or crystal pendulums, but despite their size are light and responsive. Wood Pendulums do not accumulate subtle energies like crystal and need not be cleared before use.



Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Pendulum with Chain
Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulums are a popular choice for many dowsers. Crystal pendulums are small, light to medium weight and responsive.

These pendulums react to energetic vibrations in the environment and are energetically influenced by the dowser or client.

Crystal Pendulums carry their own specific energetic imprints depending on the rock they’re cut. For example, the Rose Quartz pendulum is said to relate to the Heart Chakra and is used to correct emotional issues.

This makes Crystal pendulums an excellent choice for specific tasks by matching the pendulum‘s energetic signature to the task in hand or counseling clients.

Often crystal pendulums due to their emanating attributes act as a potentially positive teacher or healer for the dowser’s own growth.

Crystal Pendulums often receive or emit specific energies. Some Crystal Pendulums are known to accumulate energy and should be periodically cleansed.


Brass Pendulums:

Brass Pendulums are the most popular. Brass Pendulums are relatively neutral, come in a variety of sizes and weights and are durable.

Mermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
Mermet Brass Pendulum

These pendulums are non-magnetic so they are not influenced by ambient radiations in the environment, the dowser or client.

It’s not uncommon for a dowser to own several pendulums depending on the dowsing task. For example, I use the Conical Beech wood pendulum when recording Chakra readings for analysis and use the Mer-Isis brass pendulum for the healing work.

Experience will dictate which pendulum or combination of pendulums gives the best results. If one pendulum doesn’t feel right or isn’t moving the way you like then try another. I usually carry two or three pendulums in my pendulum pouch so I’m prepared for any dowsing task that may arise.

If you are new to dowsing, Link to Dowsing Books I sell a simple book on how to program your pendulum and other basic instructions for the beginner to intermediate dowser.


4 thoughts on “What is the difference between Wood, Crystal and Brass Pendulums?

    1. Hello Joe,

      I presently sell two books on my site: “Your Pendulum” and “Sleep Well Be Healthy” both by John Living.

      Your Pendulum is a good beginner’s book that will give instructions on how to program your pendulum or rod.

      You can find the books in the side menu that says “Books.”

      Kind regards,

    1. Hello Sarah,

      In my opinion any pendulum may be used for self-healing.

      The reason I make this statement is I believe healing comes from within not the pendulum. The pendulum is a tool to assist in relaying what is already present within yourself. I could suggest that you are the receiver and the pendulum relays the internal information through the simple yes / no system you’ve programmed the pendulum to respond to.

      It’s like asking what paintbrush paints a picture? Paintbrushes don’t paint pictures on their own but only with the help of the artist or painter. Similarly, pendulums don’t heal, you do! But you may use a pendulum to assist in the healing process.

      Be that as it may, certain pendulums may help facilitate the process. I’ve noted for example that the Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a good “healing” tool. I’ve used it in my work with clients having it spin to extract negative energies. After cleansing the pendulum I’d re-spin again to insert new positive healing energy. But I always keep in mind when healing that I’m the conduit through which the healing energies flow; the pendulum is a tool that assists me in my work.

      As for remote viewing, a pendulum isn’t necessarily going to allow you to “see” events. Pendulums are responding to internal information you receive as you focus on the subject of your inquiry. Therefore they’re helpful in answering simple precise questions you ask in yes, no, neutral directions. As such you’ll have to ask questions and then narrow down the answers to obtain a true answer. This would help clarify information you’ve received while remote viewing.

      The Isis pendulums are good “mental” pendulums for asking these types of questions. The solar discs act as antennae on the pendulum and are said to help the pendulum send and receive mental inquiries. You may find the large Isis or the Super Isis suitable for this type of task.

      If you already have a pendulum you could dowse to determine which of the pendulums on my site are the best tool for your needs. You may discover that you need a couple of different pendulums just as an artist rarely paints a picture with one brush only.

      Kind regards,

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