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Welcome to my site. My name is Brian Asttaria and I am an Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant and Intuitive Dowser. I have been doing healing work for over 25 years. I recently sold my wellness store to focus on private consultation and to allow myself more time exploring other health modalities and methods.
Over the past few years I have sebrianen an increasing amount of clients who appear to be exhibiting health related problems that appear to be related to microwave and EMF radiation. Therefore, I have been focusing on the emerging influence of EMF, cell phone and microwave radiation and its effects on human biological systems and its influence as a causative factor in many undiagnosed and unresolved health issues appearing in our society.
In the past few years it has become evident to me that a lot of people that come to me with various health conditions are being influenced by an “Electronic Fatigue”, that is either a causative factor, modulator or mutator in their underlying condition. Unfortunately, for many of these people there is little “official” recognition that microwave radiation exposure is harmful and finding solutions becomes a journey.
This site is set up to address some of these concerns and more importantly to offer tools and remedies for those wishing to seek a solution.
It is my contention that this global microwave matrix we now live in will continue to expand and the consequences upon healthy biological systems will lead to further ill health, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Lately, articles have appeared in various news media that there may be a correlation between microwaves and the collapse of many bee colonies in the US. I personally don’t feel that in this case, microwaves or arrays such as HAARP, GWEN. etc., are directly to be blamed for the honey bee colonies collapsing, however, it is interesting to note that despite claims that microwaves are harmless, and of hundreds of possible answers, microwaves were brought up as a possible cause. Now where did all the birds go?
Often people on a path of Inner Growth are instructed to learn to quiet the mind and listen to their Inner Self, that voice from the heart that often goes unheard. Many meditation techniques help develop this inner dialogue. Dowsing is another technique to achieve this dialogue.
I offer a variety of quality dowsing tools such as pendulums and dowsing or divining rods for those wishing to explore and expand this knowingness that we all have – but have forgotten or are afraid to acknowledge. When you realize that you are a powerful Scalar Standing Wave, a Receiver and Emitter of energy, you will intuit why certain technologies are being used on this planet.
So, go ahead and explore my site. I am not a web person so any feedback on how to improve my site or suggestions of items you would like me to stock are appreciated. I am available for telephone consultation on health issues. Contact me for details, as I only charge for my time.
The items that I offer for sale on my site are chosen because I believe they are some of the best on the market. I have personally used these items and have found them to be be of premium quality, effective and fairly priced.
The website acts as a portal that reaches beyond the confines of my self and allows me to connect with many great people around the world.
Thank-you for visiting and I welcome your feedback.
Brian Asttaria
Drop me a Line: e-mail: brian@adermark.com