Spiral (Left Turn) Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Spiral brass pendulum is a general use pendulum and an excellent choice for mapping work and using charts.

6.5 cm / 25.0 gm – (2.56″ / 0.88 oz)


The Spiral brass pendulum spirals downward in a left direction. Some authorities say that it creates a vortex action that can amplify whatever energy it contacts.

I can’t comment on the above statement however I have found it, maybe due to its spiraling downward action when spinning, to be a precise tool when pouring over maps, charts, blue prints etc with pin-point accuracy.

Following the idea the Spiral brass pendulum would also be an excellent tool for inquiries, body work, and seeking assignments.

The Spiral brass pendulum is sometimes called a “vortex” pendulum and is commonly used in reading maps, charts, or any type of dowsing where precision is required.

6.5 cm / 25.0 gm – (2.56″ / 0.88 oz)



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