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Browse Pendulums For Sale and Dowsing Rods at is an Online Pendulum Shop based in Vancouver, BC that offers a wide range of pendulums for sale such as Crystal Pendulums, Brass Pendulums, Quartz Pendulums, and Wooden Pendulums. Also buy dowsing rods,divining rods, and dowsing bobbers.

Give yourself and your family EMF protection. Our ADR Protect offers protection from EMF – Microwave – Computer – Cell Phone – Geopathic Radiation. This is an Award Winning – Professionally Acclaimed ADR line of Products. Your #1 defence against invisible electromagnetic pollution and microwave radiation.

See the world anew by improving your eyesight with pinhole glasses. Take control of your sight with this simple and time honoured method that has helped thousands improve their vision.


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Specializing in Tools For Inner Growth and Wellness

I encourage everyone to explore the joy of dowsing. Dowsing is a very good way of tapping into finer parts of our selves to reveal more subtle information that is often overlooked by our very busy conscious mind. Some people approach dowsing mystically while others approach it with a keen and scientific mind. From either position dowsing will work. All it takes is practice and an understanding of the principles.

The pendulums, dowsing rods and divining rods that I offer are of fine workmanship and quality. Professional and amateur dowsers alike will appreciate the accuracy and ease from a precision made pendulum, L-rod or Aurameter.

Presently I stock brass pendulums, crystal pendulums and wood pendulums. The wood pendulums comes in three types: Beechwood, Ebony and Mahogany. We also sell the Beechwood Conical pendulum often used for chakra work as referenced by Barbara Brennen in her book, Hands of Light.

For sale are a variety of dowsing or divining rods that have been used successfully for a variety of purposes such as water witching, object location, oil surveying, gold, silver prospecting, energy work, healing, discovery, etc.

One advantage Divining rods have over pendulums is that they are easier to work with when you need to be mobile and cover some ground, like dowsing for water on your property. So when you need to move and get around, then dowsing rods are a good option.

We Also Feature ADR Protect Products

The Award Winning ADR family of products, ADR 3, ADR 4, etc. are designed to assist in the positive improvement of our personal living and working space.

The ADR’s offer a sensible and practical approach to help reduce the negative effects and symptoms of being exposed to microwave, Wireless, radio, computer, and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiations found commonly in our home and work environment.

As a health consultant for the past twenty-five years I have become convinced that the effects of emf (electromagnetic fields) or microwave radiation is one of the greatest subtle assaults on the human biological system today and will come to the forefront as an emerging causative factor in why many of us do not feel or get well.

I have been working with the ADR’s for several years and found them to be some of the best tools in the marketplace for harmonizing the body at a cellular level in a completely safe and natural fashion, thereby reducing the stress, irritability, fatigue and mind fog that many people experience after being exposed to harmful radiation caused by cell phone, computer and microwave transmissions. Even negative Geopathic zones that may be found in your workplace or in your home may be improved by the simple and thoughtful placement of the ADR-3 disc.

Pinhole Glasses

I’ve always had excellent eyesight until the past couple of years. However, I have had to admit that my vision is no longer as clear and sharp when looking at objects close to me as they once were. I recently switched to an LCD monitor after reading an article relating that people who sat in front of the computer developed over time, small holes and perforations on their contact lenses due to microwave emanations from their monitors. This made me wonder what impact sitting in front of the monitor over the past years has had on my eyes?

Can you improve your eyesight? Have you noticed that when your eyesight starts to change, to alter, that the most common reaction is to get a pair of eyeglasses? And if your eyesight continues to worsen a stronger prescription is written? Why is it no one asks you if you would like to IMPROVE your eyesight?

We’ve sold Pinhole Glasses in my store to hundreds of people over the past eight years and been impressed with the positive results people experienced. Many claimed that they no longer needed their glasses or contact lenses or had been able to reduce their time with their usual glasses and often, many others were able to use weaker prescriptions. By performing a simple test I was able to demonstrate immediately whether the client would receive a benefit. No magic is involved here, the use of Pinhole Glasses to improve and correct defective eyesight follows an ancient system commonly used as far back in history by the Greeks. You know, all those philosophers standing around and squinting at scrolls.

Please note that I make no medical claims with Pinhole Glasses, and results obtained with the use of Pinhole Glasses will vary from individual to individual.

Atlantis Ring, Cross, Pendant

For many people, Atlantis and the mystery and myth of her existence holds a fascinating allure. Some people believe that certain signs and symbols were sacred or had magical powers. Legend has it that the engraved symbol found on the Atlantis ring and Atlantis pendant had a positive effect on its wearer offering some form of protection. The Atlantis cross resembles the modern day ankh that is so well known in Egyptian symbology.

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