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Vitalize Food & Water Using the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup

ADR Revitalizer Plate - Food, Water, Beverages
ADR Revitalizer Plate
ADR Cups with Lid Water & Beverage Revitalizer
ADR Cup with Lid

Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. So set yourself up for increased health with the ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup.

One thing I like to do is to test whether my food is vibrationally strong or weak. Is the food I consume “alive” and adds to my vital force or is it “dead” and subtracts life force?

A pendulum is an easy way to determine whether the food you’re eating is contributing to your health by noting the atomic spin of the item being tested.

According to my dowsing system my pendulum spins clockwise when the food, water or supplement tests positive. The higher the positive number the more vitality or life force. The lower the reading the less vitality. Negative readings indicate a deficiency of life force and vitality. This means the body will not gain a net healthy benefit from the item in question.

For example, when I tested a fresh, ripe avocado my pendulum returned a positive reading of 9.5 out of 10. I then dowsed a hothouse tomato and it returned a low reading of 2.5 out of 10. I also dowsed a stale cookie with chocolate on one side. It tested negative at minus (-) 3.

So the avocado is the best choice health-wise. The tomatoes I grow myself test at around +9 and are superior to the hothouse tomato at +2. The cookie indicated it didn’t provide any positive benefits if eaten.

When shopping you can test which produce tests best because the quality of produce is variable and changes daily and seasonally.

Now to make this test more interesting place the positively tested food item in the microwave. After microwaving the food retest with the pendulum. Nine times out of ten the pendulum will now spin counter-clockwise. This shows the molecular structure is altered and the vibrational force is negative. Low vibrational items force the body to use its own resources while gaining little in return.

To reach optimal levels of health it’s imperative to consume foods abundant with life force. Alive foods contribute “life” whereas dead foods lead to an early death. Foods that test negative will contribute to lowering the cellular frequency and when this happens, disease conditions arise and the aging process is accelerated.

One way to improve the vibrational force of food, water and supplements is using the ADR Revitalizer Plate or the ADR Cup.

ADR Revitalizer Plate
Place food and beverages on the ADR Revitalizer Plate

Using the ADR Revitalizer Plate will increase the positive readings on biological items placed on the plate. This is confirmed by testing using a pendulum or dowsing rod. The hothouse tomato after resting on the plate for 2 minutes went from 2.5 to 4.5 out of 10. Not a great improvement and as such I’d still consider the tomato energetically too low for my personal diet.

The reason the tomato doesn’t test higher is because the life force of the tomato is weak to begin with. Therefore each item will test differently on an individual basis.

Going back to the microwave test, we’ve discovered microwaves disrupt the atomic spin and often reverse it. Placing food on the ADR Revitalizer Plate will improve the reading and on some occasions turn the negative reading back to a positive reading. You can observe this phenomenon using your pendulum.

My conclusion is you don’t want to consume foods that test negative and preferably you want to eat foods that have high positive ratings.

I have tested a lot of produce from a variety of stores from conventionally grown to organic. You may be surprised to learn that most food we eat in North America is vibrationally low. This explains why as a nation we are tired and sick.


The higher you vibrate, as a collective of cells, the greater health and vitality you have.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate or ADR Cup is a great tool to improve the quality of food, water and supplements.

ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup

ADR Revitalizer Plate - Revitalize Food, Water & Beverages
The ADR Revitalizer Plate increases the vitality of foods & beverages
Patented High-Tech Food and Beverage Energizer.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate or ADR Cup are unique inventions capable of enhancing or restoring the qualitative elements found in foods and beverages.

Life comes from life. That’s why experts recommend the majority of foods we eat are as fresh as possible. Typically manufactured foods lack vital nutrients necessary to meet the body’s requirements for health. Nutrient deficiencies ultimately leads to lower vitality, poor health and predictably sickness.

Enzymes for example are manifestations of life found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Many enzymes are lost during processing and cooking. Enzymes are required by the body for hundreds of metabolic processes. Enzyme depletion is a consideration on accelerated aging.

Children are loaded with enzymes which is one reason they’re so active. People depleted of enzymes are slow, lack energy and tired. Life force is a precious commodity ultimately dictating the quality of our life.

Any food or beverage placed directly on the ADR Revitalizer Plate or in the ADR Cup for two to three minutes is charged and ready for use.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate takes random water molecules and arranges them into a crystalline matrix. This is called structured or organized water and is known to have a beneficial effect by increasing well-being to the biological organism.

It’s known certain types of music have a positive effect on plants, animals and people. For example, playing Bach or Mozart helps plants thrive whereas hard rock tends to

ADR Revitalizer Plate
Charge food and beverages by placing on the ADR Revitalizer Plate for 2 – 3 minutes.

hinder growth. The secret to this and touched on by Dr. Emoto in his book, Messages from Water reveals certain music structures water at the molecular level by forming crystalline patterns.

ADR Revitalizer Plate
Revitalize food and beverages using the ADR Plate

Consuming foods and liquids placed on the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup may contribute to an increase in vitality and health when used on a daily basis.

Best results are obtained when using fresh foods, produce and spring or mineral water.Of course you can place other conventional foods on the plate but expect only minor improvements from low vibratory items.

In a previous blog entry I comment, placing items in a microwave oven not only destroys many enzymes and vitamins but causes the atoms to spin in the reverse direction. I’ve tested the plate and observed many items are too far gone to be corrected and if corrected are still at a low frequency. Therefore, I suggest using fresh ingredients will lead to noticeable results.

It’s not uncommon for customers to report an improvement in the taste of foods and beverages such as wine and coffee. Smokers have written me telling me they can taste food again. No matter, using the ADR Revitalizer Plate or the ADR Cup will lead to health benefits.

Do not use a dishwasher when cleaning the ADR Plate or Cup; but normal cleaning with a mild soap under running water is fine.

Further benefits may be obtained by placing the ADR Revitalizer Plate, inscription face down, directly over a part of the body or over acupuncture points. Research and laboratory tests confirm The ADR Revitalizer Plate by organizing the cells in our body may reduce inflammatory conditions. Inflammation is considered the first indicator of disease.

ADR Cup with Lid
ADR Cup with Lid

When food and beverages are energized by the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup they provide therapeutic effects without side effects. The ADR Revitalizer Plate can be compared to pouring beneficial information into our body which is distributed to every cell. This information carries a program regulating physiological processes on all cellular levels.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate provides several additional benefits to the human body, such as an increase in stamina, vitality and strengthening of the body’s  immune system. The ADR Revitalizer Plate alters the inter-molecular arrangement of water in alcoholic beverages reducing the €œhangover€ effect. Furthermore, placing cosmetics on the Plate improves the moisturizing properties and results in increased skin absorption of water contained in creams or body lotions.

Additional laboratory and clinical studies are currently in progress to determine other applications for the ADR Plate. The device is completely safe to use and there are no side-effects. Patients that use a cardiac heart pacer or other medical device affected by magnetic fields should not place the ADR Revitalizer Plate on their body.

For home or office, the ADR Cup with lid is a convenient and portable way to energize your water, tea and other favorite beverages.