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The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation

The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation
The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation

Electric power is an essential world commodity in our technology-based society.  The health consequences of these technological advances are difficult to predict and manage.

There is considerable debate as to whether the influence of electric, electromagnetic (EM), microwave and static fields effect plants, animals and human beings.

I believe all external environmental processes effect us to some degree: for better or worse. For example, a cooling breeze off the ocean creates a sense of well-being. Being exposed to radiation causes sickness.

I’m not going to get into a long discussion on trying to prove to you why I think exposure to EMF fields are ultimately unhealthy because there’s hundreds of articles you can search on the internet discussing both sides.

Long-term exposure to electric and magnetic fields, even if of minor strength, are reported to disturb people’s well being and increase the risk of certain types of diseases such as cancer, tumors, brain impairment, and immune system disorders, to name of few.

Day-to-day ailments such as blurred vision, mental fog, increase in stress levels, irritability (to name of few) are also a result of overexposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and microwaves.

For those of us sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation we don’t need more articles to convince us. We need solutions!

This blog entry is to share with you a product line that helped reduce the symptoms I was experiencing and increased my overall well being. Years of working with these products and observing the effects on EMF sensitive clients proved the benefits obtained are real. For 95% of my clients, symptoms caused by EMF exposure are either reduced or eliminated.

PROTECT YOURSELF!   Adermark sells a line of products that may protect you from EMF radiation.  Below are three of our popular EMF Protection products.

See the Video Link below to learn how you can protect yourself from emfs and microwaves in your environment.

Video: How to protect yourself with ADR products

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ADR Protect Personal EMF Disc
ADR Protect: Personal EMF Protection
ADR Shield - Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Shield Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Electric Radiation Shield Mat
ADR Electric Radiation Mat



ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield

ADR Electric Radiation Shield Mattress
ADR Electric Radiation Shield Mattress

The ADR MAT is an electric field screen based on advanced technology of dielectric composites, which gives protection against harmful electric fields. The ADR MAT is designed to mimic the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human body.

The active part of the ADR MAT consists of a polymer matrix in which various water-containing phases are randomly dispersed.

The exposure to primary and secondary distribution wiring is continuous at night when resting. The ADR MAT for example, is placed under a mattress to shield and to absorb electric fields minimizing their effect on the human body during sleep.

Absorption of electrical fields by ADR Mat
Absorption of electrical fields using the ADR Mat

The influence of electrical fields can cause sleep disorders, tiredness, an increase in blood pressure, weakening of the immune system and biological clock disruption – All factors that lead to serious illness. The shielding of electric fields helps DNA replication and protein synthesis during the night because human epidermal cells have a higher level of synthesis during the dark cycle of the circadian rhythm.

It also supports DNA repair during the night when there is no UV damage caused by the sun because the free radicals produced are at a minimum due to a slower metabolism. The ADR MAT used as an electric field screen placed under the mattress promotes deep relaxation as well as healthy and regenerative sleep.

The ADR MAT can be placed on interior walls to block radiations from Smart Meters, in a crib or in a pets resting place under a blanket.

The diagram to the left shows emf fields arising from below at 500 V/m. With the ADR Mat placed over the radiation field the electrical field is reduced to 5 V/m.

For more information click the link and view the video. It’s a little long but it gives information on emfs as well. ADR Mat & Products.

Here’s a short video on ADR Products: ADR Line of Products & Uses.

I also sell the ADR Chair Mat which is useful for maintaining energy while sitting at the desk at work or watching TV or for any other sedentary activity. The ADR Mats in general are thin and I’d consider them fragile but the ADR Chair Mat is encased in a protective covering that makes it more durable. Be that as it may, to protect the ADR Chair Mat I place it under a cushion so that it’s away from direct wear and tear.

ADR Chair Mat - Blocks Electrical & EMF Fields
ADR Chair Mat

The ADR Mats come in several sizes and fit most mattresses. The Mats block electrical fields so you’ll want to ensure the Mat is large enough to cover the area you’ll be sleeping.

Although the ADR Mats are packaged for sleeping, I use them in a variety of other ways. For example, I have one placed between myself and the WiFi router. I have one placed over the electrical box. I have a small one beneath my feet at my computer work station beneath a small rug where I have a lot of wires and a speaker.

Restful & Healthy Sleep Using the ADR Mat
Restful & Healthy Sleep Using the ADR Mat

To confirm the ADR Mats work as advertised, I took readings using my emf-meter before placing the ADR Mat on my bed then after. The readings confirmed the ADR Mats significantly reduced the electrical fields.

Dog resting head on floor
Dogs instinctively avoid negative emf fields

If you have a baby or children consider placing an ADR Mat under blankets in the crib or beneath the mattress for children.

Animals are also affected by electrical and magnetic fields in the environment. Dogs for example won’t sleep in an area that is radiated. In fact, years ago a home owner would observe where the dog chose to lie down in the bedroom. The dog was moved and the bed placed in that location. If your dog won’t stay in your bed or won’t stay in the location you command it’s a sign the area is radiated and unhealthy.

If you want to reduce the negative effects caused by electrical and magnetic fields, the ADR Mats are an effective tool in aiding the body’s optimum health levels.

ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup

ADR Revitalizer Plate - Revitalize Food, Water & Beverages
The ADR Revitalizer Plate increases the vitality of foods & beverages
Patented High-Tech Food and Beverage Energizer.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate or ADR Cup are unique inventions capable of enhancing or restoring the qualitative elements found in foods and beverages.

Life comes from life. That’s why experts recommend the majority of foods we eat are as fresh as possible. Typically manufactured foods lack vital nutrients necessary to meet the body’s requirements for health. Nutrient deficiencies ultimately leads to lower vitality, poor health and predictably sickness.

Enzymes for example are manifestations of life found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Many enzymes are lost during processing and cooking. Enzymes are required by the body for hundreds of metabolic processes. Enzyme depletion is a consideration on accelerated aging.

Children are loaded with enzymes which is one reason they’re so active. People depleted of enzymes are slow, lack energy and tired. Life force is a precious commodity ultimately dictating the quality of our life.

Any food or beverage placed directly on the ADR Revitalizer Plate or in the ADR Cup for two to three minutes is charged and ready for use.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate takes random water molecules and arranges them into a crystalline matrix. This is called structured or organized water and is known to have a beneficial effect by increasing well-being to the biological organism.

It’s known certain types of music have a positive effect on plants, animals and people. For example, playing Bach or Mozart helps plants thrive whereas hard rock tends to

ADR Revitalizer Plate
Charge food and beverages by placing on the ADR Revitalizer Plate for 2 – 3 minutes.

hinder growth. The secret to this and touched on by Dr. Emoto in his book, Messages from Water reveals certain music structures water at the molecular level by forming crystalline patterns.

ADR Revitalizer Plate
Revitalize food and beverages using the ADR Plate

Consuming foods and liquids placed on the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup may contribute to an increase in vitality and health when used on a daily basis.

Best results are obtained when using fresh foods, produce and spring or mineral water.Of course you can place other conventional foods on the plate but expect only minor improvements from low vibratory items.

In a previous blog entry I comment, placing items in a microwave oven not only destroys many enzymes and vitamins but causes the atoms to spin in the reverse direction. I’ve tested the plate and observed many items are too far gone to be corrected and if corrected are still at a low frequency. Therefore, I suggest using fresh ingredients will lead to noticeable results.

It’s not uncommon for customers to report an improvement in the taste of foods and beverages such as wine and coffee. Smokers have written me telling me they can taste food again. No matter, using the ADR Revitalizer Plate or the ADR Cup will lead to health benefits.

Do not use a dishwasher when cleaning the ADR Plate or Cup; but normal cleaning with a mild soap under running water is fine.

Further benefits may be obtained by placing the ADR Revitalizer Plate, inscription face down, directly over a part of the body or over acupuncture points. Research and laboratory tests confirm The ADR Revitalizer Plate by organizing the cells in our body may reduce inflammatory conditions. Inflammation is considered the first indicator of disease.

ADR Cup with Lid
ADR Cup with Lid

When food and beverages are energized by the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup they provide therapeutic effects without side effects. The ADR Revitalizer Plate can be compared to pouring beneficial information into our body which is distributed to every cell. This information carries a program regulating physiological processes on all cellular levels.

The ADR Revitalizer Plate provides several additional benefits to the human body, such as an increase in stamina, vitality and strengthening of the body’s  immune system. The ADR Revitalizer Plate alters the inter-molecular arrangement of water in alcoholic beverages reducing the €œhangover€ effect. Furthermore, placing cosmetics on the Plate improves the moisturizing properties and results in increased skin absorption of water contained in creams or body lotions.

Additional laboratory and clinical studies are currently in progress to determine other applications for the ADR Plate. The device is completely safe to use and there are no side-effects. Patients that use a cardiac heart pacer or other medical device affected by magnetic fields should not place the ADR Revitalizer Plate on their body.

For home or office, the ADR Cup with lid is a convenient and portable way to energize your water, tea and other favorite beverages.



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I encourage everyone to explore the joy of dowsing. Dowsing is a very good way of tapping into finer parts of our selves to reveal more subtle information that is often overlooked by our very busy conscious mind. Some people approach dowsing mystically while others approach it with a keen and scientific mind. From either position dowsing will work. All it takes is practice and an understanding of the principles.

The pendulums, dowsing rods and divining rods that I offer are of fine workmanship and quality. Professional and amateur dowsers alike will appreciate the accuracy and ease from a precision made pendulum, L-rod or Aurameter.

Presently I stock brass pendulums, crystal pendulums and wood pendulums. The wood pendulums comes in three types: Beechwood, Ebony and Mahogany. We also sell the Beechwood Conical pendulum often used for chakra work as referenced by Barbara Brennen in her book, Hands of Light.

For sale are a variety of dowsing or divining rods that have been used successfully for a variety of purposes such as water witching, object location, oil surveying, gold, silver prospecting, energy work, healing, discovery, etc.

One advantage Divining rods have over pendulums is that they are easier to work with when you need to be mobile and cover some ground, like dowsing for water on your property. So when you need to move and get around, then dowsing rods are a good option.

We Also Feature ADR Protect Products

The Award Winning ADR family of products, ADR 3, ADR 4, etc. are designed to assist in the positive improvement of our personal living and working space.

The ADR’s offer a sensible and practical approach to help reduce the negative effects and symptoms of being exposed to microwave, Wireless, radio, computer, and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiations found commonly in our home and work environment.

As a health consultant for the past twenty-five years I have become convinced that the effects of emf (electromagnetic fields) or microwave radiation is one of the greatest subtle assaults on the human biological system today and will come to the forefront as an emerging causative factor in why many of us do not feel or get well.

I have been working with the ADR’s for several years and found them to be some of the best tools in the marketplace for harmonizing the body at a cellular level in a completely safe and natural fashion, thereby reducing the stress, irritability, fatigue and mind fog that many people experience after being exposed to harmful radiation caused by cell phone, computer and microwave transmissions. Even negative Geopathic zones that may be found in your workplace or in your home may be improved by the simple and thoughtful placement of the ADR-3 disc.

Pinhole Glasses

I’ve always had excellent eyesight until the past couple of years. However, I have had to admit that my vision is no longer as clear and sharp when looking at objects close to me as they once were. I recently switched to an LCD monitor after reading an article relating that people who sat in front of the computer developed over time, small holes and perforations on their contact lenses due to microwave emanations from their monitors. This made me wonder what impact sitting in front of the monitor over the past years has had on my eyes?

Can you improve your eyesight? Have you noticed that when your eyesight starts to change, to alter, that the most common reaction is to get a pair of eyeglasses? And if your eyesight continues to worsen a stronger prescription is written? Why is it no one asks you if you would like to IMPROVE your eyesight?

We’ve sold Pinhole Glasses in my store to hundreds of people over the past eight years and been impressed with the positive results people experienced. Many claimed that they no longer needed their glasses or contact lenses or had been able to reduce their time with their usual glasses and often, many others were able to use weaker prescriptions. By performing a simple test I was able to demonstrate immediately whether the client would receive a benefit. No magic is involved here, the use of Pinhole Glasses to improve and correct defective eyesight follows an ancient system commonly used as far back in history by the Greeks. You know, all those philosophers standing around and squinting at scrolls.

Please note that I make no medical claims with Pinhole Glasses, and results obtained with the use of Pinhole Glasses will vary from individual to individual.

Atlantis Ring, Cross, Pendant

For many people, Atlantis and the mystery and myth of her existence holds a fascinating allure. Some people believe that certain signs and symbols were sacred or had magical powers. Legend has it that the engraved symbol found on the Atlantis ring and Atlantis pendant had a positive effect on its wearer offering some form of protection. The Atlantis cross resembles the modern day ankh that is so well known in Egyptian symbology.