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EMF Radiation is Scary. Protect Yourself with This

Effects of EMF radiation are harmful
The Effects of EMF radiation are harmful

The Scary Truth is EMF Radiation is All Around Us

The scary truth is, emf and microwave radiation is part of our lives and isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Knowing how to protect yourself is a necessary step in overcoming over exposure to emf and microwave radiation.

Electric power is an essential world commodity in our technology-based society.  The health consequences of these technological advances are difficult to predict and manage. There is considerable debate as to whether the influence of electric, electromagnetic (EM), microwave and static fields affect plants, animals and human beings. For example, The World Health Organization on their website reports: “It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects. Experiments with healthy volunteers indicate that short-term exposure at the levels present in the environment or in the home do not cause any apparent detrimental effects. However exposure to higher levels are harmful and restricted by national and international guidelines. Currently the debate focuses on how long-term low level exposure evokes biological responses.”

EMF Radiation causes headaches
EMF Effects on People

I believe all external environmental processes effect us to some degree for better or worse. For example, a cooling breeze off the ocean creates a sense of well-being. Exposure to radiation causes sickness. But I’m not going to get into a long discussion on trying to prove why I think exposure to EMF fields are unhealthy because there are hundreds of searchable articles available on the internet discussing both sides.

Long Term Exposure to EMF Radiation Fields have Consequences

Long-term exposure to electric and magnetic fields, even if of minor strength, disturb people’s well being and increase the risk of certain types of diseases: Some common effects are Cancer, tumors, brain impairment, and immune system disorders. Day-to-day ailments such as blurred vision, mental fog, increase in stress levels and irritability are also a result of overexposure to emfs and microwaves.

Many customers tell me they’re in pain due to their emf sensitivity. I’m told they can’t go out and socialize. One client told me she suffers quietly while her friends use their phones in front of her because they think her pain is all in her mind.

The truth is, more and more people are developing health issues linked to overuse of their cell phone.

For those of us sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation we don’t need more articles to convince us. We need solutions!

Biological Side Effects Associated with EMF Radiation Exposure

There’s an array of symptoms people complain about due to emf sensitivity. Below is a list of biological symptoms. The difference is these alterations at the cellular level manifest differently from person to person. For example, emf effects on the nervous system result in feeling hot, nervous and anxious. People are irritable, quick to anger and considered “hot-headed. “When people are irritated and angry they express themselves aggressively, resulting in acts of violence.

When we talk about Cancer we’re talking about changes at the cellular level when the cell replicates imperfectly. These cell anomalies grow and tumors result. Holding a cell phone to the head for extended periods of time heats the brain tissue. In fact, you’re microwaving your brain. You wouldn’t place your head in a microwave oven and yet you hold a microwave emitting device to the head and brain. In essence, you’re cooking your brain.

Current studies show an increase in learning disabilities among children. When a cellphone is held to the head it’s heating the part of the brain associated with learning. A child’s skull is not fully developed or as thick as an adults therefore it makes sense to restrict the amount of time a child uses a mobile device. Also, I recommend children and adults use the speaker phone function because the further away the device is held the weaker the microwave effects.

Unfortunately, most people either don’t believe there are effects from microwave radiation or they’re just too lazy to take proactive steps to mitigate the possible damage. Generally, people don’t act until they begin to feel symptoms and by that time, the damage is already done.

A Short List of Biological Effects Caused by EMF and Microwave Exposure

Below is a short list of biological effects that affect the body when exposed to microwave and emf radiation. Everyone is different and people may exhibit many of the symptoms listed to some degree. As such a healthy person recovers quickly whereas another individual develops symptoms. One thing is certain, over time anyone will feel an effect.

Genetic mutations and defects
Cellular and molecular changes
Behavioral changes
Nervous system
Brian impairment
Blood-brain barrier permeability
Cardiovascular issues
Sleeping disorders
Hormonal changes
Immune system impairment
Metabolic changes
Auto-immune issues
Fertility impairment
Learning impairment

ADR Line of EMF Radiation Protection Products

This blog entry is to share with you a product line that helps reduce emf symptoms. Years of working with clients proved they work as claimed. 95% of my clients reported a reduction in symptoms caused by EMF exposure.

PROTECT YOURSELF!   Adermark sells a line of products that may protect you from EMF radiation.  Below are three of our popular EMF Protection products.

See the Video Link below to learn how you can protect yourself from emf and microwave radiation in your environment.

Go to: ADR Products on Adermark Website

ADR Protect Personal EMF Protection Disc
Personal EMF Protection Disc
ADR Shield - Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Shield Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Electric Radiation Shield Mat
Electric Radiation Mat



Reduce Harmful EMF Effects Using the ADR Protect


ADR Protect Personal EMF Protector
Reduce harmful emf effects using the ADR Protect

The ADR Protect Personal Disc Reduces EMF Effects on Humans and Animals

The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a revolutionary device. It reduces the adverse effects from emf, microwave, and other forms of electronic pollution on the body.

By equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture meridians, the ADR Protect restores balance or homeostasis allowing the body to compensate efficiently from emissions generated by electric and electronic devices.

ADR Protect Personal Harmonizer Disc
ADR Protect reduces EMF effects on humans and animals

Ideally blood circulation carries vital oxygen and nutrients to all cells throughout the body. As vitality decreases blood fails to reach all cells, particularly the extremities including the brain. When the cells no longer receive adequate nutrients a drop in health and vitality is experienced. Over time this translates into the potential for disease to set in.

Thermographic results: Figure B shows an increase in blood circulation to the finger tips
Thermographic results: Figure B shows an increase in blood circulation to the finger tips

Scientific studies on the ADR Protect conducted at Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan Poland, revealed the ADR Protect increased peripheral blood circulation. This means the ADR Protect increased blood flow to all cells.

Thermography, a method used to test blood perfusion revealed a distinct increase in finger temperature, up to 2 degrees.

ADR Protect Composition

The ADR Protect is made of flexible magnetic foil, which has the specific spatial distribution of a magnetic field. Precisely located, mathematically defined points are covered with a gelatin paste, which is a composite of ceramic substances and metal oxides. This composite exhibits specific far-infrared radiation absorption / emission properties. All materials and components used in the manufacturing of the ADR Protect is the result of extensive scientific research.

Construction of the ADR Protect
Construction of the ADR Protect

The ADR Protect is completely safe and easy to use. I’ve found the ADR Protect gives the best results when in close proximity to the body. For example, Placing the ADR Protect on the back of a cell or cordless phone the hand is in close contact. This  allows the device to provide optimum results.

ADR Protect on a computer mouse
ADR Protect on a computer mouse

Reduce the harmful effects of emfs by placing an ADR Protect on all electronic devices, especially devices that are close to the body. Stick an ADR Protect on top of your computer “mouse” because the hand is always resting on it when sitting at the computer. Place another on the back of any cell and cordless phone. I also suggest wearing an ADR Protect on a pendant around my neck for around the clock protection.

Example placements of ADR Protect
Example placements of ADR Protect on EMF emitting devices

My wife wears her ADR Protect beneath her watch. I also keep an ADR Protect in my wallet which is often kept in a breast pocket jacket. This way I’m protecting the heart which is sensitive to microwave fields.

Harmful Effects from Microwave Ovens

Despite controversy as to whether microwave radiation is harmful, I don’t think an intelligent person will place their head inside a microwave oven while it’s in operation. And yet people pay for the monthly privilege to hold a microwave emitting device to the head and brain. Therefore it’s not surprising to me the increase in headaches, burning ear syndrome, dizziness, decline in vision, mental fogginess and even brain tumors are on the rise.

The ADR Protect is inexpensive compared to other “protection” devices on the market. This means a family using multiple cell phones can purchase several at reasonable cost. I offer a “Saver” deal where you can purchase 5 ADR Protects and get the 6th free.

Man with head in a microwave oven
Would you place your head in a microwave oven?

Considering people spend forty bucks and upward for a phone case and screen protector, it’s a no-brainer to use a device to lower the effects of microwave radiation on the body.

Want to know more about microwave ovens? Click this link: 5 Negative Health Effects Produced by Your Microwave Oven.

Attaching the ADR Protect is simple and takes only seconds. Remove the yellow backing from the device and attach to the back of your cell phone or any electronic device. If you’re using a case, quite often you can just place the ADR Protect between the phone and the inside of the case.

Video on EMFs and ADR Products

Warning to owners of a cardiac pacemaker or other implanted device affected by magnetic fields. DO NOT wear the ADR Protect device. However you can continue to place the ADR Protect on any electronic device.


ADR Protect EMF protector in package
ADR Protect to protect against and reduce effects from EMF radiation


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Give yourself and your family EMF protection. Our ADR Protect offers protection from EMF – Microwave – Computer – Cell Phone – Geopathic Radiation. This is an Award Winning – Professionally Acclaimed ADR line of Products. Your #1 defence against invisible electromagnetic pollution and microwave radiation.

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I encourage everyone to explore the joy of dowsing. Dowsing is a very good way of tapping into finer parts of our selves to reveal more subtle information that is often overlooked by our very busy conscious mind. Some people approach dowsing mystically while others approach it with a keen and scientific mind. From either position dowsing will work. All it takes is practice and an understanding of the principles.

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We Also Feature ADR Protect Products

The Award Winning ADR family of products, ADR 3, ADR 4, etc. are designed to assist in the positive improvement of our personal living and working space.

The ADR’s offer a sensible and practical approach to help reduce the negative effects and symptoms of being exposed to microwave, Wireless, radio, computer, and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiations found commonly in our home and work environment.

As a health consultant for the past twenty-five years I have become convinced that the effects of emf (electromagnetic fields) or microwave radiation is one of the greatest subtle assaults on the human biological system today and will come to the forefront as an emerging causative factor in why many of us do not feel or get well.

I have been working with the ADR’s for several years and found them to be some of the best tools in the marketplace for harmonizing the body at a cellular level in a completely safe and natural fashion, thereby reducing the stress, irritability, fatigue and mind fog that many people experience after being exposed to harmful radiation caused by cell phone, computer and microwave transmissions. Even negative Geopathic zones that may be found in your workplace or in your home may be improved by the simple and thoughtful placement of the ADR-3 disc.

Pinhole Glasses

I’ve always had excellent eyesight until the past couple of years. However, I have had to admit that my vision is no longer as clear and sharp when looking at objects close to me as they once were. I recently switched to an LCD monitor after reading an article relating that people who sat in front of the computer developed over time, small holes and perforations on their contact lenses due to microwave emanations from their monitors. This made me wonder what impact sitting in front of the monitor over the past years has had on my eyes?

Can you improve your eyesight? Have you noticed that when your eyesight starts to change, to alter, that the most common reaction is to get a pair of eyeglasses? And if your eyesight continues to worsen a stronger prescription is written? Why is it no one asks you if you would like to IMPROVE your eyesight?

We’ve sold Pinhole Glasses in my store to hundreds of people over the past eight years and been impressed with the positive results people experienced. Many claimed that they no longer needed their glasses or contact lenses or had been able to reduce their time with their usual glasses and often, many others were able to use weaker prescriptions. By performing a simple test I was able to demonstrate immediately whether the client would receive a benefit. No magic is involved here, the use of Pinhole Glasses to improve and correct defective eyesight follows an ancient system commonly used as far back in history by the Greeks. You know, all those philosophers standing around and squinting at scrolls.

Please note that I make no medical claims with Pinhole Glasses, and results obtained with the use of Pinhole Glasses will vary from individual to individual.

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For many people, Atlantis and the mystery and myth of her existence holds a fascinating allure. Some people believe that certain signs and symbols were sacred or had magical powers. Legend has it that the engraved symbol found on the Atlantis ring and Atlantis pendant had a positive effect on its wearer offering some form of protection. The Atlantis cross resembles the modern day ankh that is so well known in Egyptian symbology.