Book, Your Pendulum (Learn How to Dowse Using a Pendulum or Dowsing Rod)


Your Pendulum Book by John Living

How to Ask Questions – And Get True Answers from Your Pendulum

46 pages.

Your Pendulum Booklet


Book: Your Pendulum by John Living

Don’t know how to dowse? Yow own a pendulum but aren’t sure how to use it? Just starting out and want guidance how to use your pendulum or dowsing rod? You’ve got some skills but looking to expand on it?

Then John Living’s book YOUR PENDULUM has you covered. Your Pendulum is a simple and concise book for the novice to intermediate dowser.

Reading this book teaches you how to create a reliable dowsing method turning you into a confident and capable dowser.

Topics covered are:

Book: Your Pendulum by John Living
Your Pendulum by John Living

Using a Bobber
Training your Pendulum
Asking Questions
Map Dowsing
Dowsing for Water
Chakras and Spinal Systems
Home Safety
Feng Shui
Geopathic Energies And More!

46 Pages.


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