Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse Using a Pendulum or Dowsing Rod


Your Pendulum Book – How to Ask Questions – And Get True Answers from Your Pendulum

46 pages.

Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse Booklet by John Living


Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse

Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse teaches you how to ask questions and receive reliable answers from your pendulum or rod.

This book is for you if you don’t know how to dowse, but own a pendulum. Moreover, you aren’t sure how to use it. Therefore, you require a helping hand and want guidance, creating your YES / No System to use your pendulum or rod.

Or you’ve got some skills, but looking to expand on it. Then John Living’s book YOUR PENDULUM has you covered. Your Pendulum is a simple and concise book for the novice to intermediate dowser.

Reading this book teaches you how to create a reliable method, turning you into a confident and capable dowser.

Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse

An excerpt from John Living’s Book: Your Pendulum – Learn How to Dowse.

Making Your Home Safe (Page 29)

It is amazing that so few people know that it needs to be done! Dowsers can clear their own house or office; and help others by clearing theirs. First dowse to locate any ‘thought forms’ or other ‘entities’ that are in the space. Ask that your pendulum “…point to any entities and thought forms that are detrimental to the inhabitants and occupants of this house (or office). and circle when at their location“.

At leach location, ask The System “…in Love of Healing and Helping Others, and getting all specialist helpers, now please help all negativity at this location by removing it and taking it into the Light with Love”. And expect to see your pendulum go anti-clockwise while it is removing negativity, and then to make a big YES circle, possibly making a ‘Big Kiss’ when finished.

Make certain that each room is completely clear before moving to the next room. Ask The System, “…is this room clear of all negativity?” Expect to see your pendulum make a search (pointing in various directions) but staying in one direction if it finds another area to clear. If it makes a YES circle, then the room is clear. Then thank The System for the help received.

Occasionally, the clearing incomplete, and in such a case there will be a very good reason why not; Therefore, ask The System for this reason (and what steps are necessary to allow the clearing of the house) using your message chart.

Topics covered are:

Your Pendulum - Learn How to Dowse Book.
Your Pendulum Book.

Using a Bobber
Training your Pendulum
Asking Questions
Map Dowsing
Dowsing for Water
Chakras and Spinal Systems
Home Safety
Feng Shui
Geopathic Energies And More!

46 Pages.

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