UFO Brass Dowsing Pendulum


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The UFO brass pendulum is a good pendulum for both indoor and outdoor dowsing tasks.

2.8 cm / 28.0 gm – (1.10″ / 0.99 oz)


The UFO brass pendulum has a rounded double terminate shape with a large disc bisecting radially at the center.

A well known pendulum recommended because of its ability to give precise readings in outdoor conditions, the UFO brass pendulum is also a good dowsing tool for inquiry, map, chart and healing assignments.

Among its other attributes, the UFO’s aerodynamic shape gives it good stability in windy situations making it a reliable performer for outdoor questing.

2.8 cm / 28.0 gm – (1.10″ / 0.99 oz)



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Weight.028 kg


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