Seeker – Copper Spiral Dowsing Pendulum


The Copper Spiral Seeker pendulum is an excellent dowsing pendulum for a variety of dowsing assignments.


Seeker Copper Spiral Brass Pendulum

The Copper Spiral Seeker pendulum is light, sensitive and responsive.

The copper coil is enclosed in a see-through plexi-glass housing which contributes to this pendulum’s superior sensitivity.

Copper Spiral Seeker Pendulum
Copper Spiral Seeker Pendulum

Copper increases conductivity and this allows the Copper Spiral Seeker pendulum to send and receive a variety of physical and non-physical emanations.

Not only is the Copper Seeker a faithful companion for inquiries, maps, charts and “seeking or searching” assignments, it’s also a good broadcasting and receiving pendulum.

Due to its relative light weight, the Copper Spiral Seeker is responsive and easy to use.

The Seeker Copper Spiral pendulum is an easy to use, sensitive and versatile pendulum that can be used for almost any dowsing task.

3.8 cm / 8.0 gm – (1.5″ / 0.28 oz)


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