Nova Hybrid Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Nova hybrid brass pendulum is a contemporary style pendulum combining the shape of the Abbe Mermet brass pendulum but adds the radial discs found in the Isis pendulums.


Nova Hybrid Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Nova Hybrid Brass dowsing pendulum is a hybrid of the round style pendulum combined with the energy plates found in the Egyptian Isis brass pendulum.

The Nova brass pendulum is sensitive to mental receiving and broadcasting influences. These characteristics make this a general purpose pendulum suitable for any dowsing assignment.

Nova Hybrid Brass Pendulum
Nova Hybrid Brass Pendulum

The Nova brass pendulum is similar in form to the Abbe Mermet brass pendulum. With a gentle concave head sheltering 4 radially bands that act as antennae. This increases the pendulum’s capacity for mental projecting and receiving.

The bottom portion of the Nova brass pendulum softly comes to a round point; not as abrupt as found on the Mermet brass pendulum.

A Modern Adaptation of Classic Pendulums

There are many styles of pendulums and they basically all function the same. A pendulum’s design creates nuances in their operation and intended function.

Some pendulums are angular and others are round whereas other pendulums have witness chambers. A witness chamber is where a “sample” is used to tune the pendulum to a particular object such as gold, vitamins, even a person.

There is no right or wrong is selecting a pendulum and to a great degree it’s an individual choice and preference. More often than not, many dowsers have several pendulums to select from depending on the type of dowsing task they undertake.

Sometimes one pendulum just seems to work better when asking specific questions over another. If your pendulum isn’t responding the way you like using an alternative pendulum can do the trick.

The Nova Hybrid brass pendulum falls into the category of combining the traits of the famous Abbe Mermet brass pendulum along with the radial antennae familiar with the brass Isis pendulum. The idea of adding the radial antennae is to increase the Nova’s “sending” abilities.

Nova Hybrid Brass Pendulum dimensions: 2.5 cm / 31.0 gm – (0.98″ / 1.09 oz)


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