Mer-Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum


The Mer-Isis is a beautiful and refined pendulum capable of performing a wide variety of dowsing assignments.



Mer-Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

The Mer-Isis Egyptian brass pendulum is a hybrid of the Isis brass pendulum.This pendulum has the radial antenna of the Isis pendulum, a large collector plate and rounded point at the bottom of the plate. This makes the Mer-Isis pendulum a strong “energy” tool for collecting, holding, directing and projecting energies from the dowser.

The Mer-Isis is a multi-tasking performer; its inverted form makes it an excellent transmitter of subtle energies when intent and focus is applied.

Mer-Isis Large Brass Pendulum
Mer-Isis Large Brass Pendulum

The Mer-Isis pendulum is an excellent healing type pendulum often selected for inserting and extracting energies, colors, vibrations or mental charging.

This pendulum is my go-to pendulum when I’m balancing Chakras or doing other close body work on clients.

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum also performs well as a tool for balancing, mapping, and general inquiries.

This is a beautiful pendulum, with an aura of serenity.

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a favorite for those involved in the healing arts.

The picture below gives an idea of the relative sizes.

Note: The Large Mer-Isis is a heavy pendulum weighing in between 85 – 88 grams. Concentration is required when using it because it can slip from the fingertips if you’re not holding it tightly.

The Small Mer-Isis brass pendulum is small and very light.

The Medium Mer-Isis is a suitable size and weight for most dowsers.

Mer-Isis Pendulum Size Comparison
Mer-Isis Pendulum Size Comparison


  • Small Mer-Isis: 2.2 cm 8.0 gm / (0.87″ – 0.28 oz)
  • Medium Mer-Isis 3.3 cm 33 gm / (1.3″ – 1.16 oz)
  • Large Mer-Isis: 4.4 cm 88 gm / (1.73″ – 3.1 oz)



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Mer-Isis Pendulum Sizes

Mer-Isis, Small Brass Pendulum, Mer-Isis, Medium Brass Pendulum, Mer-Isis Large Brass Pendulum


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