Karnak Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum


The Karnak brass pendulum is one of the most familiar dowsing pendulums from the family of Egyptian style pendulums.

Karnak, Small: 4.5 cm / 15.0 gm – (1.77″ / 0.53 oz)
Karnak, Large: 7.0 cm / 46.0 gm – (2.76″ / 1.62 oz)



From the Temples of Solomon and the Great Pyramids of Egypt comes the Karnak brass pendulum. A Classic Egyptian style pendulum that was often used in the erecting of temples.

Today’s Karnak pendulum is a copy of the sandstone original found in a sarcophagus in Karnak, located in The Valley of the Kings.

The energetic signature or form of the Karnak brass pendulum is based on the Ankh a powerful Egyptian symbol. This form imparts a high vibrational signature which increases its receptivity and accuracy when used with mental intent.

The Karnak brass pendulum is a general usage pendulum and can be employed satisfactorily in almost all dowsing scenarios such as mental sending and receiving, healing, discovery, and divining.

The Karnak brass pendulum is considered to be a self-cleansing pendulum. However, like all pendulums, the Karnak should be periodically blessed and washed in an appropriate cleansing solution such as sea salt and water.

As a further comment, brass will tarnish and a periodic wiping with some metal polish and a soft cloth will restore your pendulum’s natural luster.

I carry several versions of the Karnak: Brass and Wood. The brass Karnak pendulum comes in two sizes, small (4.5 cm) and large (7.0 cm). The Large Karnak pendulum weighs about 40 grams and is what I would consider a heavier pendulum. The smaller Karnak is lighter in weight so consider what is appropriate to your dowsing style.

The Wooden Karnak comes in three choices: Beech wood, Ebony and Mahogany. The wooden Karnak pendulums are of larger size but lighter making them quick while imparting a more neutral character than the brass versions.

Wood is a good choice in specific situations, for example when doing Chakra work when the practitioner and the client are in close proximity and there will be an overlapping of energy. I will discuss this a little more when talking about the Beech wood Conical pendulum that is mentioned by Barbara Brennen in her book, Hands of Light.

Whether you are new to dowsing or an old pro, the Karnak brass pendulum always performs true to form.

This Egyptian pendulum with classic graceful curves and narrow waist is a popular pick.

Cleopatra should be so lucky!

Karnak, Small: 4.5 cm / 15.0 gm – (1.77″ / 0.53 oz)
Karnak, Large: 7.0 cm / 46.0 gm – (2.76″ / 1.62 oz)


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