Isis Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum


The Isis brass pendulum is a sensitive pendulum. The Isis is a symbol for the sacred Cross of Life with 4 solar discs acting as an antennae array that allows for sending / receiving along a specific wave frequency.

The Small Isis pendulum is a small and very light pendulum.

Small Isis: 2.7 cm / 4 gr – (1.06″ / 0.14 oz)
Large Isis: 5.0 cm / 26 gr – (1.97″ / 0.92 oz)



Small Isis: 2.7 cm / 4 gr – (1.06″ / 0.14 oz)
Large Isis: 5.0 cm / 26 gr – (1.97″ / 0.92 oz)

The Isis brass pendulum, along with the Karnak and Osiris brass pendulums belong to the family often classified as Egyptian pendulums.

My feeling with the Isis pendulum is that the Solar discs stimulate and emit electrical wave forms suitable to mental projection and reception.

I believe the Isis is pre-Egyptian with the Solar Discs revealing its real lineage.

The picture above shows comparative sizes of the Small, Large and Super Isis brass pendulums. Note that the Super Isis brass pendulum has an extra radial plate.

The Isis brass pendulum comes in two sizes: The Small Isis is what I would say, tiny and very light, so order accordingly.

The Large Isis commands respect and will respond well to a capable dowser. This pendulum is certainly larger and heavier than the Basic Teardrop and the Basic Triangle.

As already stated, this is a good mental pendulum and may be used for all queries and discoveries. Due to its radial battery the Isis pendulum is also considered to be an “emitting” pendulum, therefore good for “broadcasting” tasks.

Fine Quality Brass with 4 Radial Antennae.


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