Doppelmermet Brass Dowsing Pendulum with Witness Chamber


The Doppelmermet brass pendulum is an enhanced version of the Mermet brass pendulum originally designed by Abbe Mermet, who many consider to be a pioneer in Radiesthesia or dowsing.

This pendulum comes with a Witness Chamber to facilitate tuning, making this a good receptive resonance pendulum for various dowsing assignments.

4.2 cm / 28 gm – (1.65″ / 0.99 oz)


The brass Doppelmermet pendulum has Old World Charm. A variation on the Mermet pendulum design by one of Europe’s most respected dowsers, Abbe Mermet, this pendulum has been proven accurate in all dowsing tasks.

The elongated form of the Doppelmermet brass pendulum increases its utility and versatility for all types of dowsing assignments. Further, due to its deep Witness Chamber this is perfect pendulum for difficult dowsing tasks that require detailed information.

This Doppelmermet pendulum made of fine brass has good lineage based on the late work of Abbe Mermet (1866-1937), a Swiss clergyman who documented and wrote his findings regarding dowsing approximately 75 years ago.

Today his research is as valid then as it is today thus making the Mermet brass pendulum and the Doppelmermet brass pendulum favorite selections by skilled dowsers worldwide.

The Doppelmermet has a sleek design with a deep Witness Chamber.

4.2 cm / 28 gm – (1.65″ / 0.99 oz)



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    Absolutely Great!

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    Brian Asttaria

    This is a great pendulum with deep witness chamber!

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