Clear Quartz Crystal Dowsing Pendulum with Sterling Silver Chain


High Quality faceted clear Quartz Crystal pendulum with Sterling Silver chain and polished Amethyst bead.

9 – 19 gm (0.32 – 0.67 oz)

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9 – 19 gm (0.32 – 0.67 oz)

This faceted clear cut Quartz Crystal pendulum with a Sterling Silver chain is a cut above your average crystal pendulum. At the end of the chain is a polished Amethyst bead.

Note that each cut pendulum is unique and will vary in size and weight. The Sterling Silver chain will increase the crystal pendulum’s sensitivity.

This is a high quality, faceted, clear quartz pendulum that comes with a Sterling Silver chain. This makes for a highly sensitive and responsive pendulum.

Clear Quartz is a highly versatile stone with a high vibration, considered the king of healing crystals. Authorities claim that clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone in the mineral kingdom.

Crystal amplifies and acts as a receiver and sender of fine energies from cosmic, earth, human, animal and plant energies.


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