Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Atma brass pendulum comes with Witness Chamber.

The Atma pendulum or “soul” pendulum embodies the perfection of the circle: Completion of cycles, the spinning of stars, planets and atoms, the essence of the soul.

2.0 cm / 29.0 gm – (0.79″ / 1.02 oz)


The Atma or Soul pendulum is a small round brass pendulum with a solid feel.

The Atma brass pendulum is responsive to the questor and various types of emanations. Spinning and oscillating with vigor the Atma is simple and direct in its feedback.

The Atma is hollow which allows the user to unscrew the head and place a witness inside the chamber.

2.0 cm / 29.0 gm – (0.79″ / 1.02 oz)



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