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The ADR TEX EMF Mat is an electric field screen based on an advanced technology of dielectric composites. The mat provides protection against harmful electric and EMF fields.




The ADR Tex EMF Mat provides protection against harmful EMF fields.

The ADR TEX EMF Mat is an electric field screen based on an advanced technology of dielectric composites. Thus, this material protects against harmful electric fields.

Daily exposure to static and low-frequency electric fields creates adverse biological effects. Undeniably, the majority of these electric and magnetic fields originate from household wiring, appliances and electronic devices. Thereafter, electromagnetic smog builds, creating a toxic environment. Subsequently, this electro-smog interferes with brain function, the body’s immune system, and is carcinogenic to humans.

The ADR EMF Mat Absorbs & Deflects Electrical Fields

The ADR TEX EMF Mat mimics the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human body, which comprises 60% water confined in various ways. Also, the active part of the ADR TEX Mat comprises a polymer matrix in which various water-containing phases are randomly dispersed.

ADR TEX Mat is an electrical field screen.
The ADR TEX EMF Mat reduces EMF fields.

Exposure to primary and secondary distribution of wiring is continuous during sleep. Therefore, placing the ADR TEX EMF Mat under a mattress shields the body by absorbing these electric fields and minimizes their negative effects during sleep.

The shielding of electric fields during sleep helps DNA replication and cell proliferation. This is important because cellular processes are higher during the dark cycle of the circadian rhythm. The mat also supports DNA repair during sleep because no UV damage occurs from the Sun. Thus reactive oxidation resulting from metabolism is minimized.

The ADR Tex Mat used as an electric field screen and placed under or over the mattress promotes deep relaxation and healthy, regenerative sleep.

The ADR TEX EMF MAT is an Electric Field Screen

This Mat promotes protection against harmful electric fields in your home. Generally, sources of electric fields in your home are electric circuits, sockets, cables and electric household appliances. In due time, this electrical smog exerts biological effects, causing an increase in body temperature and interfering with the working of the brain and the body’s immune system.

EMFs Have a Negative Effect on the Human Body

EMF chart showing increase in EMFs over time.
Chart showing increase in EMFs from 1879-2006

EMFs have a negative impact on the human body because of its interference with basic vital function of the organism. The electrical currents in the human body are part of normal body functions because nerve signals are based on electrical pulses. Many biochemical reactions such as digestion or brain activity result from electrical processes.

One can expect that long-term exposure to EMFs, even of low strength, may cause a general feeling of being unwell [1]. An alarming article suggests that “electromagnetic smog” causes many of modern civilization’s diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes [2].

Recently Published Research

Two Examples of recently published research show the shielding applications of ADR TEX technology.

Sperm Motility

Graph showing sperm motility when exposed to EMFs.
The ADR TEX EMF Mat has a protective influence on sperm motility.

The diagram at left shows the VSL (Velocity Straight Linear Motility) of human sperm under the influence of an electromagnetic field (EMF) and the protective effect of ADR®TEX technology (EMF + ADR®TEX).
Furthermore, sperm exposed to EMF fields for thirty minutes caused changes in the sperm’s speed of movement. In brief, the ADR®TEX fabric effectively protects against the harmful effects of these fields [3].

Carrot Seedlings

This graph to the right shows the effects of electromagnetic fields on the quality of carrot seedlings.

Carrot seedlings abnormalities reduced when protected by the ADR Mat
Comparative graph showing reduction in carrot seeding abnormalities with ADR Mat.

Influence of electric field (EF), electromagnetic fields (EMF), magnetic fields (MF), and the protective effects of ADR technology (EMF + ADR®TEX) on the quality of carrot seeds growth.

The tests show that the percentage of abnormal seedlings exceeded 30%, in the electric field (EF), electromagnetic field (EMF), and the magnetic field (MF), and even in the control culture. Therefore, the test results prove that the application of ADR TEX effectively reduced by about 50%, the number of diseased seedlings [4]

ADR®TEX Shield Technology

Human exposure to EMF is not a new problem. However, the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage, Fig. 1, in the 20th century together with the development of electronics, IT, telecommunications, satellite navigation, as well as diagnostic and industrial devices have brought us not only to analyze this hazard of civilization but also to invent methods to screen, filter and protect against such EMF radiation.

ADR Technology’s EMF Shields is one answer to these challenges.

ADR shields are composite systems and have many components which provide a new advance in the design of EMF protection. It is because of a careful selection of the constituent parts, their volumetric ratios, and the way they are interconnected. Indeed, we design screens to absorb or reflect a specific EMF frequency range and optimize the degree of its screening efficiency.

Finally, the screening efficiency of the electrical field by the field absorption part of TEX fabric, as a function of field frequency, is shown in the graph below. This part covers all effects generated by home electricity of 60 Hz.

ADR TEX absorption of 60 Hz frequency.
The ADR TEX EMF absorbs 60 Hz home electrical fields.

The chart below shows the distribution of an electric field across a bed mattress radiating from a 60 Hz electrical cable source.

Mattress without and with ADR TEX EMF protection.
Detail of a mattress without and with the ADR TEX EMF Mat shielding.

The reflective component of the ADR®TEX fabric extends up to higher frequencies. For example, EMF shielding at 10 GHz is 99.99% (-35 dBm).

The ADR®TEX EMF Mat ensures the proper regeneration of our bodies when sleeping. It protects us against EMF damage during the night when our DNA repair processes are most active. Moreover, studies show the circadian day-night cycle plays an important role in repairing DNA in cells [5-8]. This is particularly due to the fact that during the night there is no damaging UV radiation from sunlight and the reactivity of oxygen species, which is also harmful to this repair during the night.

Suggestions Using the ADR TEX EMF Mat

There are many ways to use the ADR TEX fabric.

A popular method is using the ADR®TEX EMF Mat to protect yourself while sleeping.

  • Protection from Below: under the bed-sheet, between the mattress and the mattress cover, under the mattress or mattress top, etc.
  • Protection from Above: inside the quilt or duvet covering as an upper layer, or as an upper layer in traditional blanket bedding.

The best effects for protecting a person while sleeping are achieved when shielding is utilized from below and above to create as much as possible of an EMF smog-free environment for the sleeper.

Ideas for using your ADR TEX EMF Mat.

Suggested uses for the ADR TEX EMF Mat
Suggested ideas for using the ADR Mat.

You can cut to size and use the ADR TEX EMF Mat between the router, smart-meter, back of a TV or any other emitting electrical/electronic device. Generally, best results occur with the ADR TEX EMF Mat is between the person and the electronic device or radiating EMF vector.

  • Under the mattress.
  • In the duvet cover, above the duvet.
  • A layer incorporated into the production of mattresses.
  • Canopies over the bed.
  • As curtains or behind curtains.
  • A fabric for protective clothing.
  • As a shield on walls or built into walls.

Place the ADR®TEX Mat Between Yourself & EMF Radiating Devices or Fields.

Taking Care of Your ADR TEX EMF Mat

Firstly, wash your ADR®TEX EMF Mat by hand or by washing machine using the gentle cycle up to 40 degrees C. Secondly use a mild washing detergent. Thirdly, do not use a conditioner or other rinsing liquid and do not tumble dry. Lastly, after washing and drying, you can iron the fabric with a temperature setting for nylon.

Note, long-term and intensive exposure to mechanical and chemical factors may weaken the effects of the ADR Mat. Therefore, for maximum protection, closely follow the washing and drying guidelines above.

Cutting the Fabric

The fabric is cut to size using a laser and does not require a hem. Nonetheless, if it is cut by scissors, the fabric should be given a hem.

The shielding fabric is of the highest quality therefore, any nominal inconsistencies in the weave do not impair the shielding of EMF fields.

Using the ADR Mat

Place the ADR TEX Mat under a cushion, beneath the bed mattress or between any electronic device and the body. Overall, it works by shielding against and absorbing electric fields. Specifically, used over or under the body at night, The ADR TEX EMF Mat promotes deep relaxation and healthy sleep.

This mat will keep you feeling more energized, focused and alert.

The ADR TEX Mat is made from top quality materials and is hypoallergenic.

It doesn’t require a power supply or batteries.

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100 x 200 cm / 39.37 x 78.74″ – $210.00
160 x 200 cm / 62.99 x 78.74″ – $299.00
200 x 200 cm / 78.74 x 78.74″ – $375.00


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