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ADR Protect Smart Saver Package.

Buy 5 ADR Protects and get the 6th FREE!

A great way to PROTECT yourself and your family while saving money!


ADR Protect Smart Saver Package

From the picture below it’s easy to acknowledge our home and environment are spaces filled with electronic, microwave and emf pollution. Collectively these radiations are called Electro-smog.

EMF Emitting Fields on Humans
EMF Emitting Fields on Humans

The ADR Protect helps reduce the effects caused by electronic devices on the human body. Simply remove the paper protector on the back of the ADR Protect and stick it on your smartphone, mouse, telephone, monitor, laptop, tablet, Sony Move or any other electronic device.

Normally, one ADR Protect will do the job but if you’re electronically sensitive you may require more than one ADR Protect to maximize benefits.

ADR Protect Personal Harmonizer Disc
ADR Protect Personal Harmonizer

For example, if you’re still experiencing “hot ear”, headaches, migraines, irritability or other symptoms during or after using your cell phone then a second ADR Protect applied to the back may be required. Don’t be afraid to experiment because each person responds differently to emf exposure much in the same way two people with the same disease may require different medicinal dosages to effect a result .

EMF radiations from electronic devices vary in strength. The effects of the ADR Protect are amplified when more than one is applied to a device. Therefore some devices may require more than one ADR Protect for best results.

Many emf sensitive users wear an ADR Protect on the back of a pendant or watch. When users pick up an electronic device with an attached ADR Protect the protective benefits are increased.

The ADR Smart Saver Package allows you to save money. Order 5 ADR Protects Personal Protectors and receive the 6th ADR Protect for FREE! This is a great economical way to cover multiple devices or get family members protected.

Don’t suffer from EMF related issues. Protect yourself and your family by placing the ADR Protect on all electronic devices.

Modern man has never been exposed to so many electronic emitting devices. Every year new studies find microwave and electronic pollution is affecting our health.

Common symptom of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

  • Headaches or onset after using your cell phone or after computer use; close to router or smart meter or WiFi.
  • Tension headaches along the sides of the head and temple area. Often on one side of the head, typically the same side you talk on using your cell phone.
    EMF Seinsitivity Symptoms
    EMF Sensitivity Symptoms
  • Heart palpitations and a pressure in the chest; hearing your heart beat while at rest or in bed.
  • Feeling that the heart wants to jump out of the chest while at the same time the chest is being stepped upon.
  • Skin burning, redness, rashes and tingling particularly on the face and arms.
  • Difficulty sleeping, including interrupted, light, or dreamless sleep.
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) – hearing buzzing sounds or pitched humming.
  • Fatigue and tiredness during the day – even after a full night’s rest; or need to take naps; falling asleep at a meeting, on the bus, after an activity requiring concentration.
  • Cognitive decline – feeling mentally slow, spaced out and mentally tired.
  • Memory and concentration difficulties – “brain fog” and inability to remember simple things or forget easily.

Quite often effects and symptoms from EMF exposure can take months or years to appear. This makes them a little harder to explain because they may also have other meanings. For example depression is a wide-ranging term and there are many possible causes. Depression can be caused by hormonal imbalances, alcohol use, a loss of job, aspartame in food to name a few.

What I will suggest is exposure to EMFs over a period of time is an overlooked and invisible co-factor in many health issues that when treated do not go away. Some electromagnetic associated symptoms can easily be resolved.

For example, one reason many people have difficulty sleeping is they place their cell phone close to their head. Some people I’ve spoken to place their cell phone under their pillow while sleeping! These people will often have difficulty sleeping and complain of headaches, feeling slow and unrested. Obviously removing the electronic device, preferably out of the bedroom makes sense.

I know other people who read in bed. However, instead of reading a book they read from their tablet or phone. They then complain they have trouble sleeping. I suggest they don’t use electronic devices before retiring but it’s hard to get people to change their ways. For the most part we become victims of our own nonsense. That’s why I recommend the ADR products because they help mitigate symptoms even when we can’t or won’t change our habits.

If you’re going to keep an electronic device in your bedroom then be smart. Use the ADR Mattress, the ADR Shield and ensure you’ve got an ADR Protect attached to the phone or tablet. I’m not saying electronic devices are good or bad. They’re here to stay and it’s unlikely you’re going to stop using them. But protecting yourself is something you can do.

Other Signs of EMF Exposure

  • Anxiety or nervousness – sudden onset of unexplained feelings of anxiousness or constant feeling of nervousness.
  • Inability to heal quickly – recovery time is slow or is chronic.
  • Immune system – prone to constant bouts with the flu always coming down with a cold, or seem to catch anything.
  • Vertigo, dizziness or feeling light-headed – feeling dizzy or light-headed after using your cell  or other electronic device. But can also be constant if exposed to WiFi or close to a “Smart Meter” or other strong radiating device.
  • Temporary inability to speak coherently – speech is difficult or difficult to communicate coherently.
  • Nausea – often accompanied with vertigo again during or entering a high emf zone.
  • Mood-swings – the endocrine system governs hormones and is highly affected by emf pollution.
  • Anger & irritability – EMF sensitive people tend to trigger easily with anger and are more irritable.
  • Arm, finger and leg twitching – involuntary muscle twitches, spasms, tics when exposed to emf radiation fields.
  • Depression – is a vague and subjective conclusion with many possible causes. But electromagnetic sensitive people are often depressed as a result.
  • Sweating – often the body feels hot or you feel hot from the inside (much in the same a microwave oven cooks – from the inside outwards), you sweat but can still feel cold at the extremities. Anxiety, anger and irritability are all expressions of “heat” (Think hot-tempered, hot headed etc.).
  • Loss of productiveness – another subtle subjective symptom which is a result of other things going on with a resultant loss of focus for performing daily activity and tasks.

As listed, there are many signs and symptoms associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. If you’re experiencing more than one symptom or a cluster of symptoms effecting your health and vitality and are exposed to emf zones for any extended periods of time you’re probably emf sensitive.

From my experience, once emf sensitivity begins it doesn’t necessarily go away. Management becomes the key word. The worse it gets the more drastic the measures taken to maintain health. For some extremely emf hypersensitive individuals turning off the WiFi, unplugging major appliances or circuit boards is necessary. Don’t let your sensitivity get that bad. The ADR line of products offers a practical way to help reduce emf symptoms.

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