ADR Protect Smart Saver Deal (EMF Protection)


ADR Protect Smart Saver Package.

Buy 5 ADR Protects and get the 6th FREE!

A great way to PROTECT yourself and your family while saving money!


From the picture below it’s easy to acknowledge that our home and environment are spaces filled with electronic, microwave and emf pollution.

EMF Emitting Fields on Humans

The ADR Protect helps reduce the effects caused by electronic devices on the human body. Simply remove the paper protector on the back of the ADR Protect and stick it on your smartphone, mouse, telephone, monitor, laptop, tablet, Sony Move or any other electronic device.

Normally, one ADR Protect will do the job, if you’re electronically sensitive you may require more than one ADR Protect to maximize benefits.

For example, if you’re still experiencing “hot ear”, headaches, migraines, irritability or other symptoms during or after using your cell phone then a second ADR Protect applied to the back may be required. Don’t be afraid to experiment because each person responds differently to emf exposure much in the same way two people with the same disease may require different medicinal dosages to effect a result .

EMF radiations from electronic devices vary in strength. The effects of the ADR Protect are amplified when more than one is applied to a device. Therefore some devices may require more than one ADR Protect for best results.

Many emf sensitive users wear an ADR Protect on the back of a pendant or watch. When users pick up an electronic device with an attached ADR Protect the protective benefits are increased.



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