ADR Shield (EMF Protection Home / Office)


The ADR Shield EMF Protection disc is recommended to reduce symptoms associated from exposure to negative energy fields, geopathic, electromagnetic (emf) and microwave radiation fields.

Suggested for Home / Office placement.


adr-shieldThe ADR Shield has proven to be a popular and effective choice in the reduction and neutralization of symptoms that many believe to be caused by exposure to EMF, microwave, computer and Geopathic radiation fields.

The ADR Shield works passively in the background up to a general area of 1,100 sq. ft.

The ADR Shield is used for negative Geopathic fields that may be formed by underground water currents, water pipes, electrical wiring, lighting or other factors.

Mental, emotional, physical and other health-related issues are now being studied as there is growing evidence that microwave radiation and other unseen radiation emissions may have a negative impact on healthy biological systems.

Today’s home and work environments expose us to various forms of electronics which all emit electrical and magnetic fields. With the addition of cell phones, the use of headphones and other devices that people wear, the body’s energy field is stressed which shows up as symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, headaches, quick temper, aches, pains and vague symptoms of dis-ease with no specific cause.

EMF fields are cumulative depending on constitution, duration and distance. The ADR Shield comes as a ceramic disc that is 2 5/8″ (72 mm) in diameter. The disc is placed embossed side up and gives a general coverage of about 1,100 sq. feet (100 sq. meter). However, if the intensity of geopathic radiation is high, several discs will be needed to neutralize, balance or modulate the negative zones.

You may find the services of an experienced dowser to be helpful, or by learning how to dowse yourself. For those that prefer a more scientific approach, the use of various meters such as a Gauss meter or Tri-meter that measures different types of FIELDS can be used.

The ADR Shield is simple to use. Just place the disc under the bed, or on top of an electrical nest or power box, or in the closet. For those that are correcting geopathic zones outside, the discs may be buried in the desired location. Quite often discs will be placed into the foundation of a new home construction.

The ADR Shield disc can also be placed in the fridge, placed close to the power supply (near or under the fuses). This will help protect the vital nutrients of food.

IMPORTANT! The ADR Shield should be placed with the embossed side upwards.

The ADR Shield requires no power supply, doesn’t need recharging and has no known negative side-effects, making it maintenance free.

It is also recommended to use the ADR Shield in conjunction with the ADR Protect. Whereas the ADR Shield works in the environment of your home and office, the ADR Protect gives added personal protection. Many people with extreme EMF sensitivity have found this combination to be effective for reducing or eliminating electro-stress.

2 5/8″ (72 mm)

72 gm



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