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Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Isis Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Isis brass pendulum is a sensitive pendulum. The Isis is a symbol for the sacred Cross of Life with 4 solar discs acting as an antennae array that allows for sending / receiving along a specific wave frequency. The Small Isis pendulum is a small and very light pendulum. Small Isis: 2.7 cm / 4 gr - (1.06" / 0.14 oz) Large Isis: 5.0 cm / 26 gr - (1.97" / 0.92 oz)
Isis Egyptian Beech Wood Pendulum

Isis Egyptian Beech Wood Dowsing Pendulum

The Isis Beech wood pendulum is a non-metallic version of the brass Isis pendulums. Isis Beech: 7.5 cm / 8.0 gm - (2.95" / 0.28 oz)
Isis Egyptian Mahogany Wood Pendulum

Isis Mahogany Wood (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Isis Mahogany Wood Pendulum named after the Isis, the Goddess of Fertility is a versatile "sending" and "receiving" pendulum.
Isis Super Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Isis Super Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Super Isis brass pendulum is a larger and heavier version of the Isis brass pendulums but comes with two extra solar disc added to its construction thereby increasing its broadcasting and sending capabilities. 6.0 cm / 31 gm - (2.36" / 1.09 oz
Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Karnak Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Karnak brass pendulum is one of the most familiar dowsing pendulums from the family of Egyptian style pendulums. Karnak, Small: 4.5 cm / 15.0 gm - (1.77" / 0.53 oz) Karnak, Large: 7.0 cm / 46.0 gm - (2.76" / 1.62 oz)
Karnak Egyptian Beech Wood Pendulum

Karnak Egyptian Beech Wood Dowsing Pendulum

The Karnak Egyptian Beech Wood Pendulum is a replica of the sandstone pendulum discovered in Karnak, "The Valley of the Kings" in Egypt.
Karnak Egyptian Mahogany Pendulum

Karnak Egyptian Mahogany Dowsing Pendulum

The Egyptian Karnak Mahogany Pendulum is a copy of the original sandstone pendulum found in Karnak the Valley of the Kings
Mer-Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Mer-Isis Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Mer-Isis is a beautiful and refined pendulum capable of performing a wide variety of dowsing assignments. Small: 2.2 cm 8.0 gm / (0.87" - 0.28 oz) Medium: 3.3 cm 33 gm / (1.3" - 1.16 oz) Large: 4.4 cm 88 gm / (1.73" - 3.1 oz)
Osiris Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Osiris Brass (Egyptian) Dowsing Pendulum

The Osiris brass pendulum is an Egyptian SENDING or broadcasting pendulum often used for consolidation and transmission of mental and emotional energies. 4.0 cm / 30 - 32 gm - (1.57" / 1.06 - 1.13 oz)
Osiris Egyptian Beech Wood Pendulum

Osiris Egyptian Beech Wood Dowsing Pendulum

The Osiris pendulum is a powerful pendulum that should be used with respect. Osiris Pendulum in Natural or Black Beech Wood Osiris Natural Beech Wood: 7.5 cm / 20.0 - 26.0 gm - (2.95" / 0.74 - 0.92 oz)
Pendulum Pouch - Leather - Large

Pendulum Pouch, Leather, Large

Made from durable leather with a snap fastener this is one of the best pendulum pouches on the market. Height 7.5 cm x Width 5.5 cm / 13.0 gm Height 2.95" x Width 2.17" / 0.46 oz

The Egyptian Pendulums

Egyptian pendulums recall a time when the Gods lived among us and the connection between the stars was never closer.

The Karnak pendulum for example, was used in erecting temples and a sandstone version was discovered in the Valley of Kings.

The archetypal shapes of the pendulums carved in time, carry their own unique way of responding and communicating with the dowser. The Egyptian pendulums are a favorite, especially for those with an affinity to anything Egyptian.

We also stock the Egyptian pendulums made from beech, and mahogany.

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