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Crystal Pendulums

Throughout time and history, man has sought answers to the meaning of Life’s mysteries.

The science of Dowsing and Divining was developed as a way to tap into the universal stream of information that surrounds us all.

Although there are several ways to dowse, one of the most common is through the use of tools which we familiarly call pendulums and rods each with their respective strengths.

There are generally several classes of pendulums such as brass pendulums, wood pendulums and gemstone or crystal pendulums being the most well known.

Of course, any pendulum can be used for any type of dowsing task, nonetheless there are differences, I’ll say advantages to selecting a pendulum for individual use and the type of tasks that it will be used for.

Pendulums and rods have been used to locate potable water, gold, oil, gems and other valuable items. Pendulums and rods can also be used to ask personal questions from from “what is the gender of my child” to questions that extend beyond the peripheral of our own minds and imagination. In other words, dowsing is a way to tap into one’s own inner intuitive forces and stretch beyond our own limited understanding.

Gemstone or crystal pendulums will often have their own frequency to which they are naturally attuned. For example, the Amethyst due to its purple / violet color ray has a connection to the throat Chakra and may be a good communicating (receiving and broadcasting) pendulum, or calming or contributes to “higher” types of questions suitable for spiritual exploration.

The Obsidian may help integrate and facilitate access to shadow energy, clearing up of dark issues and help to tap into the unknown.

Typically, gemstone pendulums by weight, will be lighter than brass pendulums which means that crystal pendulums will quickly respond to the dowsers inquiries. However since crystal pendulums are also subject to accumulating energies from the dowser, the client or the environment crystal pendulums will need to be “cleared” regularly.

Since crystal pendulums easily pick-up and accumulate energies it’s a good idea to protect the pendulum by keeping it in a suitable pendulum pouch.

On this site, I’ve tended to focus on the more neutral brass and wood pendulums however I do carry a good selection of quality, premium crystal pendulums.

In some cases I may carry two grades of a crystal pendulum. For example I sell two types of Amethyst pendulums: Premium grade and High quality grade. The difference is from what part of the crystal the pendulum is cut from. The higher grade crystal pendulums are produced from the inner core of the crystal and is often more concentrated in density and color.

In the past, I’ve found that a lot of crystal pendulums can be cheaply made. The tips can shatter if contacted with solid surfaces such as glass, the metal caps may be glued off-center causing the pendulum action to be askew and off balance, the metal chains often break, the heads come unglued or the pendulum will be cracked with poor color and form.

I have sourced what I consider to be premium quality crystal pendulums from a reliable supplier that offers consistently good quality that I’m proud to recommend.

Adermark is the number one online distributor for quality dowsing tools. Adermark sells quality dowsing tools for the beginner to the professional dowser.

Adermark sells brass pendulums, crystal or gemstone pendulums, and wood pendulums along with a good selection of dowsing or divining rods.

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