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Brass pendulums are made from a combination of copper and zinc two well known conductive metals making them superior tools for dowsing.

Although I’ve often called brass pendulums neutral (in comparison to crystal ) the fact that brass pendulums are comprised of copper and zinc means brass pendulums will have electromagnetic properties that make brass pendulums highly sensitive to almost all emanations.

All things exhibit electromagnetic properties including thoughts and brass pendulums are excellent antennae for receiving and broadcasting whether its thoughts or the energy signature of the object held in the dowser’s mind.

The advantage of brass is that it does not accumulate energies unlike crystal pendulums and as a consequence, brass pendulums require only occasional cleansing before use.

Compared to other pendulums brass pendulums can withstand damage easier than the crystal pendulums which can chip if hit or dropped. Brass pendulums are for the most part, small enough to pouch and pocket.

Adermark sells a wide selection of quality authentic brass pendulums that are manufactured to strict specifications. Well constructed are an important tool when dowsing and requiring accurate information. A well made pendulum will make dowsing a rewarding and joyful experience.

Adermark stocks the simple pendulums like the Basic Teardrop and Basic Triangle; the Egyptian pendulums, Karnak, Isis, Osiris and the hybrid, Mer-Isis.

We have the Mermet and Doppelmermet both with witness chambers, invented by Abbe Mermet; Also, the round pendulums like the Atma, the oddly named UFO and the modern Nova.

Finally there is the group of Searchers, the Clear Searcher with a long hollow witness chamber and the brass Hermetic Searcher that opens and reveals a small pendulum and a deep cavity that can be used as a witness chamber.

The Seeker pendulums, the Amethyst Crystal holds pieces of raw amethyst within the clear body of the pendulum. The Copper Coil pendulum contains a copper coil within its body. Both pendulums are fast and responsive.

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