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Aurameter Dowsing Rod

Aurameter Dowsing Rod

When you need to get the job done right, you need a good reliable rod. You won't miss with this version of the original Verne Cameron Aurameter. Durable construction with adjustable brass head, flexible, sturdy steel wire construction fitted to a plastic grip.  
Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod

Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod

The popular multi-directional Auraspring, a member of the Bobber family is a long lightweight rod suitable for most dowsing assignments indoors or outdoors. 39 cm / 43 gm - (15.35" - 1.52 oz) Click on picture for more information.
Bobber Dowsing Rod - Simple

Bobber (Simple) Dowsing Rod

This Simple or Basic Bobber is simply designed with a wood handle and ball head on a flexible lead. 31 cm / 23 gm - (12.2" / 0.81 oz) Click on picture for more information
Bobber Pro with Washer & Ball Inserts

Bobber Pro Dowsing Rod with Interchangeable Washer And Ball

Best Sellers Product! The Bobber Pro is one of the easiest and most sensitive Bobbers on the market suitable for any person no matter the skill level.  
Diagnostic Dowsing Rod

C Rod – Brass Dowsing Rod

This miniature C Rod or "Diagnostic" fits into the palm of your hand. A useful dowsing / divining rod for measuring the boundaries of energy fields and in-close work. 13 gm / 11 cm - (0.46 oz / 4.33") Click on Picture for more information.
Cosmos Vertical Dowsing Rod

Cosmos Vertical Dowsing Rod (Curry & Hartmann Geopathic Stress Lines)

The Cosmos or the Swiss Vertical Rod constructed with a brass body and a wood handle is designed to determine the Hartmann and Curry line grids. Earth Radiation and Geopathic Stress Lines 31 cm / 72 gm - (12.2" / 2.54 oz) Click on Picture for more information.
Classic Style Dowsing Rod

Divining Rod – V or Y Rod Classic

The Classic V or Y rod is the modern updated version of the alder or willow branch traditionally used to find water. Comes with a removable brass tip that can be used as a witness chamber. 44 cm / 63 gm - (17.32" / 2.22 oz) Click on picture for more information.
L-Rod - Spanish Resonator

L-Rod Spanish Resonator Dowsing Rod

L-Rods make a worthy addition to any Dowser's collection. The Spanish Resonator L-rod is 36 cm (14.17") long and is nicely balanced with an angle wire ratio of 3:1 providing good movement and smooth control. Comes with removable Witness Chamber tips. You get a pair of L-rods. Click on picture for more information.
L-Rod Telescopic Dowsing Rod

L-Rod Telescopic Dowsing Rod

The expandable / retractable Telescopic L-rod is portable, durable and is the perfect companion when space is limited. Expandable and retractable this L-Rod can be adjusted up to 26". You Get a set of two rods.

Dowsing Rods

Adermark sells premium dowsing and divining rods constructed from quality materials and tested in the field to ensure that you receive accurate information when performing any dowsing task. Whether it’s searching for water, testing EMF and Geopathic fields, looking for precious metals or seeking directions, a well balanced and constructed rod is essential to getting reliable results that you can trust with confidence.

Adermark is the number one online dowsing shop providing premium quality dowsing and divining rods to satisfied customers worldwide.

Here you will find L-rods, the classic V or Y rod, the Cameron Aurameter, Bobbers and other specialty rods such as the Diagnostic and Cosmos Vertical rod.

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