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The L-rod is one of the most recognizable and come in a variety of sizes. L-rods are typically constructed from brass, copper or other metals or can be a composite of wood and metal such as the Spanish Resonator which is made from wood and brass.

L-Rods can be used singularly or as a pair and are generally used in the field or any place where the dowser needs to walk and cover some territory as would be the case when dowsing for water, or searching for energy grids.

A little patience is required to master the skills needed to be able to walk and obtain readings, but it is not that hard and anyone can do it.

I call “horizontal pendulums” in that pendulums are more suited to sitting or standing in one spot while asking questions or taking readings and L-rods are suitable for gaining information while on the move. I always carry a pendulum and either an L-rod or the Bobber Pro for all my dowsing assignments.

Adermark offers a wide variety of Dowsing products and sells the and Telescopic L-rod. The is expandable like a car antenna and can be adjusted to any length (up to 23″) and retracts small enough to fit into a small bag or in a back pack.

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