• EMF AntEMF Fields and How I Improved My Health by Dowsing
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    The Connection Between EMF Radiation and Dowsing Often I receive questions from readers asking me why I write about emfs, microwave radiation and how it relates to dowsing. I first got into dowsing because I felt unseen forces affecting my sleep and […]
  • Effects of EMF radiation are harmfulEMF Radiation is Scary. Protect Yourself with This
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    The Scary Truth is EMF Radiation is All Around Us The scary truth is, emf and microwave radiation is part of our lives and isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Knowing how to protect yourself is a necessary step in overcoming over exposure […]
  • ADR Electrical Radiation ShieldADR Electric Shield Protects Against Electrical Fields
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    ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield Protects Against Electric Fields The ADR electric Shield mat is an electric field screen based on advanced technology of dielectric composites. The Mat gives protection against harmful electric fields. The ADR MAT […]
  • ADR Revitalizer Plate Cluster Water MoleculesADR Revitalizer Plate Organizes Water Molecules
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    The ADR Revitalizer Plate   The ADR Revitalizer Plate creates structured water. This unique invention enhances and restores the qualitative elements found in foods and beverages. The Revitalizer Plate energizes food and beverages. By specific […]
  • ADR Protect Personal EMF ProtectorReduce Harmful EMF Effects Using the ADR Protect
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      The ADR Protect Personal Disc Reduces EMF Effects on Humans and Animals The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a revolutionary device. It reduces the adverse effects from emf, microwave, and other forms of electronic pollution on the body. By […]
  • ADR EMf Shield Home / Office ProtectionADR Shield for EMF & Geopathic Radiations
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      The ADR Shield Radiation Neutralizer Harmonizes Geopathic Frequencies and Low Level EMF Fields.   The ADR Shield Reduces Effects From EMF and Geopathic Radiations The Shield is a ceramic disc, 72 mm (2.5/8”) in diameter and 6 mm (1/4€) […]