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How I Improved My Health by Dowsing EMF Fields

Ants are attracted to negative EMF fields
Ants are attracted to negative EMF fields

I often receive questions from customers asking why I write about emfs and microwave radiation and how it relates to dowsing.

I first got into dowsing because I felt unseen forces were affecting my sleep and health. I didn’t know why nor have an explanation. All I knew I was experiencing pain and waking up tired and mentally foggy.

Normally in such situations we try to find the answer with what we know. I tried improving my diet, took supplements and meditated. Nonetheless, the pain persisted and the fatigue continued.

I started a journal to log at what times symptoms appeared and noticed a pattern: For example, when I sat at the table with my body beside the refrigerator I noted when the refrigerator motor started I would get sleepy and find myself struggling to stay awake.

Since I worked from home (condo), I spent a lot of time in front of the computer. This was pre-LCD monitors. I noticed after an hour or so I began to get sleepy or mentally hazy.

At this time I used to have my router on top of my computer workstation. Soon I was getting headaches on a regular basis.

I also noticed my bodily temperature increasing and I was hot all the time. To remedy that I purchased an air conditioner to help keep me cool, even in the winter time.

I knew something was going on but I didn’t know what was causing this cluster of symptoms.

Sometimes in bed at night I imagined I could hear a crunching noise in the walls.

One night while lying in bed, drifting off I saw a line bisecting my bed. Of course there was no physical line drawn but in my mind’s eye I could see the line near my calves, an area of my

Carpenter ants on wall
Carpenter ants on wall

body that was often cramping up.

It occurred to me that I needed to access information in a different way and I started to read up on dowsing. Soon after, I taught myself h0w to dowse using a pendulum.

After “training” my pendulum I went to the wall and tested for negative energy. I ended up finding a line and using a pencil drew it on the wall. I also recalled this was the same location where I was hearing the “crunching” sound at night.

At this point I was convinced there was indeed something behind the wall and called an exterminator. Once the wall was opened we discovered carpenter ants behind the wall and eating the wood. Interestingly enough the ants were following the exact same line I drew on the wall and parallel to the electric wiring.

Dogs and humans instinctively avoid EMF fields
Dogs and humans instinctively avoid EMF fields

From my previous reading I knew some living organisms are attracted to negative energy fields and others avoid them. I remember a reality show I was watching where the extraordinary measure to fumigate the set was taken because of an infestation of ants. I surmised the ants were attracted to the negative fields created by the large amount of cameras and electrical wiring on set.

On the reality show there was no mention as why the ants had “suddenly” appeared. However I made the connection to what was happening to me. I cleared the ant issue, used a couple of ADRs and dowsed I needed to move my bed a few inches away from the wall where the electrical wires ran.

I immediately noticed an improvement in my sleep, the legs cramps disappeared and I awoke feeling mentally more alert.

As a further proof of how electronics could affect my sleep I tried an experiment. I read most home environments are too dry. A certain humidity is required to maintain health and most homes are more arid than the dessert. I checked my bedroom humidity and it was too dry. I placed a portable humidifier in the bedroom. But it only took a couple of days before I noticed that I was again waking up unrefreshed and mentally “fuzzy.”

Now familiar my symptoms were caused by electronic emanations I purchased a Tri-meter, a device that measures emf, electrical  radio waves. I noted when the humidifier turned on emf readings were off the scale. I tried placing the humidifier at several locations around the bedroom but it was apparent I couldn’t place any electronics near my sleeping space. After that I moved my clock radio across the room and programmed my mind to wake me up without the need of a clock.

Tri-Field Meter
Tri-Field Meter

Later we ended up moving and renting the top floor of a house. We were the first occupants to move in and there was no WiFi set up yet. I could immediately feel the difference. Typical to behavior I set up my computer workstation with the router on top of my workstation.

Shortly after turning the WiFi on I could feel a change in the air around me. Within a couple of hours I received my first headache. Looking back in hindsight it’s not hard to feel a little stupid as I should have made the connection between the router placement and the WiFi much sooner.

I purchased some cable and moved the router from the top of my workstation by several feet and placed one of the ADR Mats between the router and myself. I haven’t had a headache since.

I also noticed I wasn’t “hot” anymore and haven’t used my air conditioner even in the summer.

On reflection when I lived in the small condo, I was being radiated from all sides; and from above and below. The accretion of all these emf and microwave radiations, the build-up of electronic smog compounded the problem. I was living in an electronic matrix from which I had no respite.

These types of frequencies are detrimental to human biology and the continual exposure means the body is always in a state of resistance trying to maintain health. This takes energy and over time it results in effects and symptoms. In my case, I was experiencing pain, headaches, mental fatigue. I was also tired, hot and anxious.

By learning to dowse I was able to detect subtle fields of energy around me impacting my wellness. To support my theory I used the Tri-Field meter to confirm my findings. Finally, by running a couple simple experiments using electronic devices in my bedroom and removing them; testing when the WiFi is turned on / off, and testing my smart phone emissions I learned invisible radiations in the environment play a critical role in how we feel on a daily basis.

Since the electronic age isn’t going away soon it makes sense to take steps to protect oneself the best we can.

Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum
You can use a pendulum to ask questions.

For those of you that dowse, it is relatively easy and essential to ensure your “space” is clear and clean from negative radiation fields. You can do this using a pendulum or dowsing rod.

For others using a Tri-Field meter that measures emf, electrical and radio waves, is an essential tool. I use both. But dowsing often picks up more subtle fields the Tri-Field meter does not.

Dowsing is a way of tapping in to your intuitive self especially into areas where the information lies hidden. If I hadn’t allowed myself to explore dowsing I would never have become aware of emfs and microwave radiation as a causative factor in my health and would likely still be suffering today.

Selecting a Pendulum

Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulums - small, large, super
Selecting a pendulum for yourself. Pictured: small, large and super Isis brass pendulums

I’m often asked by customers to help them choose a pendulum. With several types and styles of pendulums available pendulum selection is often confusing.

Choosing a pendulum is a fun experience but for others, it’s a guessing game. So you’re wondering, are there any hard and fast rules when selecting a pendulum?

Not really. But then again, it depends on who you ask.


Basic Teardrop Brass Pendulum
Tear Drop Brass Pendulum


I recommend selecting a pendulum you are attracted to. Everyone is different, so for me to say you should only start off with a specific pendulum is limited.
That being said, I often recommend the Basic Teardrop or Basic Triangle. These pendulums are not too large or too small. They are nicely weighted, have good movement and are inexpensive.


Searcher “Clear” Pendulum with witness chamber


When I first started out, my first pendulum was the Clear-View Searcher with a large witness chamber. However, I never used the witness chamber and although the pendulum moved fine, I felt the desire to try another pendulum and see how it felt compared to the Searcher. I have used most of the pendulums I sell on my site and there are ones I like and others not so much. Since a pendulum is a tool you’ll work with often it’s important the pendulum “feels good” when you’re using it.

The weight of a pendulum can be a determining factor. Heavier pendulums will take more energy to move but once they get going they give strong feedback. Lighter pendulums are easier to move and give a quicker response time. I prefer a lighter pendulum because when I’m asking many questions I like how quickly the pendulum moves on its axis from yes to no. I find small and light pendulums are not heavy enough and I don’t feel connected to the dowsing tool.

The shape of a pendulum can affect how it moves when in use. Depending on how you hold your hand when dowsing, a pendulum may not move in perfect circles. I prefer nice circles and I find some pendulums don’t do that because of the way I hold it when dowsing. But that’s me and that may not be your own experience.

Mer-Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum
Mer-Isis Brass Pendulums


Although pendulums may be designed with a specific purpose, (i.e. the Mer-Isis is often used for healing) any pendulum can be used for any purpose. It is like choosing a wand in the Harry Potter movies. You should look for a pendulum that matches your personality, is consistent in movement, and communicates reliable information.

Many dowsers own one or more pendulums. When choosing another pendulum I often suggest they use their current pendulum and query what other style of pendulum is a suitable addition to their collection. As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I carry two or three pendulums in my pendulum pouch. If I am not happy with the results, I switch pendulums. Sometimes it is not the pendulum that is the problem, it’s me.

The key thing to remember is the quality and reliability of the information one receives; so I’m less attached to a specific type of pendulum. If another pendulum isn’t working the way it should, I am not afraid to substitute it for another that feels better.

Basic Triangle (large, small) and Teardrop brass pendulums


If you are new to dowsing, the Basic Teardrop or Basic Triangle are good starting pendulums. As your ability grows, there is a good chance you will want to try other pendulums. By experience you will find that certain pendulums will work better for different types of dowsing assignments. But are there hard and fast rules? I say go with your inner voice and let experience be your teacher.

What is the difference between Wood, Crystal and Brass Pendulums?

Typically any pendulum can be used for dowsing assignments but the shape, form and material contribute to how a pendulum performs in the dowser’s hand.

Pendulums are manufactured from a variety of materials but the most common are brass, crystal and wood. So, does it matter from what material a pendulum is made from?

Conical Beech Wood Pendulum


Conical Beech Wood Pendulum
Conical Beech Wood Pendulum

Wood Pendulums are considered neutral because they are less affected by incidental radiations in the environment such as electrical, magnetic and other subtle external emanations.

These pendulums are good for diagnostic work when working closely with people where the energy fields of the dowser and the client are in close proximity.

Because of their neutral disposition wood pendulums work well for any dowsing assignments.

Wood Pendulums are typically larger than either brass or crystal pendulums, but despite their size are light and responsive. Wood Pendulums do not accumulate subtle energies like crystal and need not be cleared before use.



Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Pendulum with Chain
Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulums are a popular choice for many dowsers. Crystal pendulums are small, light to medium weight and responsive.

These pendulums react to energetic vibrations in the environment and are energetically influenced by the dowser or client.

Crystal Pendulums carry their own specific energetic imprints depending on the rock they’re cut. For example, the Rose Quartz pendulum is said to relate to the Heart Chakra and is used to correct emotional issues.

This makes Crystal pendulums an excellent choice for specific tasks by matching the pendulum‘s energetic signature to the task in hand or counseling clients.

Often crystal pendulums due to their emanating attributes act as a potentially positive teacher or healer for the dowser’s own growth.

Crystal Pendulums often receive or emit specific energies. Some Crystal Pendulums are known to accumulate energy and should be periodically cleansed.


Brass Pendulums:

Brass Pendulums are the most popular. Brass Pendulums are relatively neutral, come in a variety of sizes and weights and are durable.

Mermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
Mermet Brass Pendulum

These pendulums are non-magnetic so they are not influenced by ambient radiations in the environment, the dowser or client.

It’s not uncommon for a dowser to own several pendulums depending on the dowsing task. For example, I use the Conical Beech wood pendulum when recording Chakra readings for analysis and use the Mer-Isis brass pendulum for the healing work.

Experience will dictate which pendulum or combination of pendulums gives the best results. If one pendulum doesn’t feel right or isn’t moving the way you like then try another. I usually carry two or three pendulums in my pendulum pouch so I’m prepared for any dowsing task that may arise.

If you are new to dowsing, Link to Dowsing Books I sell a simple book on how to program your pendulum and other basic instructions for the beginner to intermediate dowser.


Reduce Dowsing Errors with Precise Questions

Reduce Dowsing Errors
Asking or phrasing the question correctly is important when dowsing.

Dowsing is a science and an art. When seeking information while dowsing it’s important for the dowser to ask or phrase questions correctly. Failure to do so can lead to unexpected results.

Even seasoned dowsers may receive contradictory answers to what appears to be direct and simple questions. When this happens, the dowser must re-examine the question and try again.

I recall reading the story of someone who was map dowsing while in the passenger seat of the car. The gas gauge wasn’t working and so the passenger using a pendulum, asked whether they had enough gas to make it to the next service station.

The answer was affirmative and so the party continued down the highway. Sometime later the car sputtered to a stop. The car had run out of gas. So what went wrong? The question seemed simple enough.

Out of Gas
Poor dowsing queries can lead to unexpected results

The dowser had a 50% chance of being right; the same odds as flipping a coin. One would think the odds should have favored the dowser.

But let’s give the dowser the benefit of the doubt. Assuming his experience and skill level is sufficient he should have nailed the query and received the right answer.

Since the expected result based on the dowser’s query was incorrect it may indicate the question was ambiguous or imprecise.

Asking questions when dowsing requires a precise and clear language, often using simple “yes” and “no”  phrasing. When a general or vague question is asked answers dowsed are less specific and unclear.

When the passenger asked whether they had enough gas to get to the next gas station was the question precise enough?

I’d like to think the dowser was precise in his question. He’s in a car, he’s thinking about gasoline and the question was phrased in a “yes” and “no” parameter.

But gas has several definitions. Gas is matter in an inert state between solid and liquid. It could have meant gas as “air” in the tires. Or he might have just eaten a burrito and had enough gas to make it to the next gas station. I’m just saying.

If the passenger asked if there was enough gasoline in the gas tank to make it to the gas station 30 miles away; and named the location he may have received a more precise answer.

Finally, the dowser possibly wasn’t in tune with his dowsing and he was simply wrong. There may be other reasons why the dowser failed to receive accurate information.

Since the pendulum is only a tool responding to information we receive the fault is often within one’s self.

I recommend doing an accuracy self-check when beginning a new line of inquiry. If it’s less than 50% you may as well flip a coin!

The lesson is precise questions are necessary for clear answers. Then check the answer for accuracy. If you receive a different answer, you will need to rephrase the question.