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The Scary Truth About Electromagnetic Field Radiation

Electric power is an essential world commodity in our technology-based society. The health consequences of these developments can be difficult to predict and manage. The influence of electric, electromagnetic (EM) and static magnetic fields on cells, tissues, plants, animals and human beings in everyday situations is of considerable interest. Long-term exposure to electric and magnetic […]

Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulums - small, large, super

Selecting a Pendulum

Are there any hard and fast rules? Not really. But then again, it depends on who you ask.   I recommend selecting a pendulum you are attracted to. Everyone is different, so for me to say you should only start off with a specific pendulum is limited. That being said, I often recommend the Basic […]

ADR Cups with Lid Water & Beverage Revitalizer

Renewal and Rejuvenation

Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. So set yourself up for increased health with the ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup. One thing I like to do is to test whether my food is vibrationally strong or weak. Is the food I consume “alive” and adds to my vital force or is it “dead” […]

Hermetic Brass Searcher Pendulum

Reduce Errors with Precise Questions

It’s common for seasoned dowsers to receive contradictory answers to what appear to be direct questions. In fact, sometimes the answers may not be what the dowser expected. When this happens, the dowser must re-examine the question and try again. I remember reading the story of someone who was map dowsing while in the passenger […]

ADR Electric Radiation Shield Small

ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield

The ADR MAT is an electric field screen based on advanced technology of dielectric composites, which gives protection against harmful electric fields. The ADR MAT is designed to mimic the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human body, which consists in 60% of water confined in various ways. The active part of ADR MAT […]

ADR Revitalizer Plate

ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup

Patented High-Tech Food and Beverage Energizer. Any food or beverage containing water molecules can be energized with the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup by placing it directly on the Plate with the ADR symbol face up or directly in the ADR Revitalizer Cup for approximately 3 minutes. After 3 minutes have passed, the water molecules […]

ADR Protect Personal EMF Protector

ADR Protect Energy Stimulator

  The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a revolutionary device that reduces the adverse effects from emf, microwave, electronic smog and other environmental pollutants. By equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture meridians, the ADR Protect restores balance or homeostasis allowing the body to compensate efficiently from emissions generated by electric and electronic devices. […]

ADR Shield - Home / Office

ADR Shield

The ADR Shield Radiation Neutralizer Harmonizes Geopathic Frequencies and Low Level EMF Fields. The ADR Shield is a ceramic disc, 72 mm (2.5/8”) in diameter and 6 mm (1/4€) thick and serves as a device to decrease or eliminate the harmful effects of electrical components of local low frequency emf fields. The Shield reduces the […]