Atlantis Jewelry

Atlantis Jewelry

About The Atlantis Ring, Atlantis Cross, and Atlantis Pendant

Almost everyone has heard of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Some experts claim the continent of Atlantis sank some 13,000 years ago, into today’s Atlantic ocean.

The northern part of Atlantis is now known as Greenland. In the south of the Atlantic some islands are filled with artefacts that once belonged to Atlantis. It has been prophesized that Atlantis will (soon) reveal herself and rise to the surface.

Edgar Cayce also known as the Sleeping Prophet, gave several in depth readings on Atlantis. Some say that presently we are experiencing an Atlantean sub-time cycle and that many of the present souls incarnated at this time were once sojourned on Atlantis in the past. Also, many of the same achievements are again being reached and with the same tests and trials.

Whatever the case, interest in Atlantis, its myth and legend will never disappear from the mind of Man.

The Ring of Atlantis was found in the second half of 19th century in Egypt in the renowned Valley of the Kings. The Atlantis Ring of Atlantis was estimated to be at least several thousand years old and thought to hold a mysterious and hidden power.

Two other objects were also found in Egypt, also believed to have come from Atlantis. These two objects became known as the Cross of Atlantis and the Cross of the Nile (also known as the Ankh).

The Atlantis Ring and Atlantis Pendant are inscribed with the same geometrical pattern that was discovered originally in Egypt and thought to originally have been worn by the Atlanteans themselves.

Many ancient cultures understood that certain symbols when worn or kept close to the body could create auspicious events based on the object of their desire. Some people believe that the Atlantis Ring or Atlantis Pendant will bring luck, fortune, health, protection or happiness.

NOTE: One of the common questions we receive is, why is the version of the Atlantis ring we sell OPEN where other versions are CLOSED”? Our view is that any circular closed ended object that is worn, in this case on the finger, creates a closed circuit which can accumulate or trap energy. The flow of energy is such that when wearing POWER items it is best to be mindful and respectful of the unseen forces that govern our world. Since jewellery items may be worn for long periods without a break, it is not unreasonable to use the open style which will accommodate a small space to act as a BLEEDER valve naturally allowing excess energy to dissipate while continuing to allow the flow of energy to circulate without restriction.

Another benefit is that if needed, the ring may be adjusted to accommodate a weight gain or weight loss that happens to us all at different points of our lives.

As a final thought, because each person is unique – each vibrating and oscillating at their own frequency – only from within will you know how you will respond to the Atlantis Ring or Atlantis Pendant as they also have their own unique frequency signature.

Now you too can experience a window into the world of Atlantis with the Atlantis Sterling Silver Atlantis Cross, Atlantis Pendant and Atlantis Ring.