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  • EMF AntEMF Fields and How I Improved My Health by Dowsing
    In Dowsing, EMF Protection
    The Connection Between EMF Radiation and Dowsing Often I receive questions from readers asking me why I write about emfs, microwave radiation and how it relates to dowsing. I first got into dowsing because I felt unseen forces affecting my sleep and […]
  • The Scary Truth About EMF RadiationEMF Radiation is Scary. Protect Yourself with This
    In ADR, EMF Protection
    The Scary Truth is EMF Radiation is All Around Us The scary truth is, emf and microwave radiation is part of our lives and isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Knowing how to protect yourself is a necessary step in overcoming over exposure […]
  • Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulums - small, large, superSelecting a Pendulum: Understanding the Differences
    In Dowsing
    I’m often asked by customers to help them choose a pendulum. With several types and styles of pendulums available pendulum selection is often confusing. Choosing a pendulum is a fun experience but for others, it’s a guessing game. So […]
  • ADR Revitalizer Plate - Food, Water, BeveragesVitalize Food & Water Using the ADR Revitalizer Plate or Cup
    In ADR, EMF Protection
    Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. So set yourself up for increased health with the ADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup. One thing I like to do is to test whether my food is vibrationally strong or weak. Is the food I consume “alive” […]
  • Conical Beech Wood PendulumWhat is the difference between Wood, Crystal and Brass Pendulums?
    In Dowsing
    Typically any pendulum can be used for dowsing assignments but the shape, form and material contribute to how a pendulum performs in the dowser’s hand. Pendulums are manufactured from a variety of materials but the most common are brass, crystal and […]
  • Reduce Dowsing ErrorsReduce Dowsing Errors with Precise Questions
    In Dowsing
    Dowsing is a science and an art. When seeking information while dowsing it’s important for the dowser to ask or phrase questions correctly. Failure to do so can lead to unexpected results. Even seasoned dowsers may receive contradictory […]
  • ADR Electric Radiation Shield SmallADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield
    In ADR, EMF Protection
    The ADR MAT is an electric field screen based on advanced technology of dielectric composites, which gives protection against harmful electric fields. The ADR MAT is designed to mimic the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human […]
  • ADR Revitalizer Plate - Revitalize Food, Water & BeveragesADR Revitalizer Plate & Cup
    In ADR, EMF Protection
    Patented High-Tech Food and Beverage Energizer. The ADR Revitalizer Plate or ADR Cup are unique inventions capable of enhancing or restoring the qualitative elements found in foods and beverages. Life comes from life. That’s why experts […]
  • ADR Protect Personal EMF ProtectorImprove Wellness using the ADR Protect to Resist EMF Fields
    In ADR, EMF Protection
      The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a revolutionary device reducing the adverse effects from emf, microwave, and other forms of electronic pollution on the body. By equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture meridians, the ADR Protect […]
  • ADR Shield - Home / OfficeADR Shield for EMF & Geopathic Radiations
    In ADR, EMF Protection
    The ADR Shield Radiation Neutralizer Harmonizes Geopathic Frequencies and Low Level EMF Fields. The ADR Shield is a ceramic disc, 72 mm (2.5/8”) in diameter and 6 mm (1/4€) thick and serves as a device to decrease or eliminate the harmful effects […]