ADR Shield for EMF & Geopathic Radiations

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ADR Shield EMF protection at home or office


EMF Spectrum
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The ADR Shield Radiation Neutralizer Harmonizes Geopathic Frequencies and Low Level .


The ADR Shield Reduces Effects From EMF and Geopathic Radiations

The Shield is a ceramic disc, 72 mm (2.5/8”) in diameter and 6 mm (1/4€) thick and serves as a device to decrease or eliminate the harmful effects of electrical components of local low frequency . The Shield reduces the effects of alternating with a wide range of frequencies, including the commonly used 50 & 60 Hz band. According to sources, the value of man-made alternating , especially in large cities can be 100,000 times higher than the Earth’s natural field."<yoastmark

The ADR Shield absorbs low frequency electric fields resulting in a harmonization within its localized radius.

Negative Geopathic radiations affect vitality and wellness. These radiations occur when there are underground water, plumbing and caverns. Further effects occur by other electronic appliances in the environment.

Is a Big Deal?

All radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum is produced by the interactions of 2 forces, referred to as fields. Radiation has both an electric field and a magnetic field.

Electric fields

Electric fields are the forces acting on charged particles (parts of atoms), like electrons or protons, which cause them to move. Therefore, Electric current is simply the flow of electrons produced by an electric field. The strength of an electric field is often expressed as volts per meter (V/m) or, for stronger fields, as kilovolts per meter (kV/m), where a kilovolt is 1000 volts.

Magnetic fields

A magnetic field forms when charged particles are in motion. The strength of a magnetic field can be expressed in many different units, including tesla (T), microtesla (µT or one millionth of a tesla), and gauss (G), where one G equals 100 µT.

This article isn’t about proving or disproving the effects of emfs on humans or animals. This is a discussion for another time. I do believe however exposure time and the overall resistance of a person plays a role in emerging symptoms. Every month new studies suggest there are effects, but conventional scientists state such studies are inconclusive. Personally, I’m not sitting around and waiting for someone’s approval on the topic.

I’m for taking a proactive, safety first approach. This is why I sell devises that help ameliorate symptom from emf exposure. If you don’t believe there are any consequences from using electronic devices I know you’re not going to read this article anyway.

Perhaps the safest route to take is to be safe, informed, and proactive, rather than sitting back and passively consenting to being a guinea pig. To help understand why EMF exposure could be harmful, I’m going to attempt to outline the science that explains it as well as what we can do to help eliminate the negative effects.

If you’d like to read more on emfs read the Wellness Mama’s Blog.

The ADR Shield Reduces Effects from EMF and Geopathic Radiation Fields

In normal conditions with low levels of radiation one Shield will provide sufficient protection for an area of 100 sq. meters (1,100 sq. ft). To neutralize areas with high intensity of Geopathic radiation, several Shields are necessary. A Tri-meter helps measure EMF fields. Alternatively, an experienced dowser will help determine the level of radiation and recommend the number of ADR Shields required as well as their possible locations.

EMF Emitting Fields on Humans
Natural and man-made emitting fields on humans

To balance the home or office place several ADR Shields in places where electronic smog is high. With the embossed side face-up place the ADR Shield close to power supplies. The ADR Shield mitigates “dirty” energy. Further place the Shield near or under fuses or by the breaker.

In multi-floored dwellings additional Shields one per floor is beneficial. This is necessary if vertical Geopathic lines are present. In other words if the negative emanations are arising from below and rising upward, as opposed to laterally, then placing an ADR Shield on each floor will provide better results.

The ADR Shield when placed in the fridge energizes food. It can be used to energize plants and extend the life span of cut flowers by about 50%.

The Shield works with the design face up. Using one or more ADR Protects and Shields will provide the best results.

For maximum benefits I recommend using both the ADR Protect and Shield. Use the ADR Protect on all electronic devices.  Place one or more Shields in strategic position in the home or office.


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