Improve Wellness using the ADR Protect to Resist EMF Fields


ADR Protect Personal EMF Protector
Reduce symptoms caused by EMF exposure using the ADR Protect
ADR Protect EMF protector in package
ADR Protect to protect and reduce effects of EMF radiation

The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a revolutionary device reducing the adverse effects from emf, microwave, and other forms of electronic pollution on the body.

By equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture meridians, the ADR Protect restores balance or homeostasis allowing the body to compensate efficiently from emissions generated by electric and electronic devices.

Ideally blood circulation which carries vital oxygen and nutrients is distributed to all cells throughout the body. As vitality decreases blood fails to reach all cells, particularly the extremities including the brain. When the cells no longer receive adequate nutrients a drop in health and vitality is experienced. Over time this translates into the potential for disease to set in.

Thermographic results: Figure B shows an increase in blood circulation to the finger tips
Thermographic results: Figure B shows an increase in blood circulation to the finger tips

Scientific studies on the ADR Protect conducted at Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan Poland, revealed the ADR Protect increased peripheral blood circulation. This means the ADR Protect increased blood flow to all cells.

Thermography, a method used to test blood perfusion revealed a distinct increase in finger temperature, up to 2 degrees.

Construction of the ADR Protect
Construction of the ADR Protect

The ADR Protect is made of flexible magnetic foil, which has the specific spatial distribution of a magnetic field. Precisely located, mathematically defined points are covered with a gelatin paste, which is a composite of ceramic substances and metal oxides exhibiting specific far-infrared radiation absorption / emission properties. All materials and components used in the making of the ADR Protect are the result of extensive scientific research.

The ADR Protect is completely safe and easy to use. I’ve found the ADR Protect gives the best results when in close proximity to the body. For example, when the ADR Protect is placed on the back of a mobile  or cordless phone the hand is in close contact allowing the device to provide optimum results.

ADR Protect on a computer mouse
ADR Protect on a computer mouse

I recommend placing an ADR Protect on all electronic devices, especially devices that are close to the body. I have an ADR Protect on top of my computer “mouse” because my hand is always resting on it when I’m sitting at the computer. I have an ADR Protect attached to the back of my smart phone and cordless phone. I also wear an ADR Protect on a pendant around my neck.

Example placements of ADR Protect
Example placements of ADR Protect on EMF emitting devices

My wife wears her ADR Protect beneath her watch. I also keep an ADR Protect in my wallet which I is often kept in a breast pocket jacket. This way I’m protecting the heart which is sensitive to microwave fields.

Despite controversy as to whether microwave radiation is harmful, I don’t think an intelligent person would place their head inside a microwave oven. And yet people pay for the monthly privilege to hold a microwave emitting device to the head and brain. Therefore it’s not surprising to me the increase in headaches, burning ear syndrome, dizziness, decline in vision, mental fogginess and even brain tumors are on the rise.

The ADR Protect is inexpensive compared to other “protection” devices on the market. This means a family using multiple cell phones can purchase several at reasonable cost. I offer a “Saver” deal where you can purchase 5 ADR Protects and get the 6th free.

Considering people spend forty bucks and upward for a phone case and screen protector, it’s a no-brainer to use a device to lower the effects of microwave radiation on the body.

Man with head in a microwave oven
Would you place your head in a microwave oven?

Attaching the ADR Protect is simple and takes only seconds. Remove the yellow backing from the device and attach to the back of your cell phone or any electronic device. If you’re using a case, quite often you can just place the ADR Protect between the phone and the inside of the case.

Video on EMFs and ADR Products

Warning: If you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other implanted device that is affected by magnetic fields DO NOT wear any ADR Protect product on the body.




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