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The reduce EMF symptoms from electronic devices or electro-smog in the environment. Further, The ADR TEX Mats block electrical fields decreasing the damaging effects of EMF radiation on the body.

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Why Buy ADR Protect Products?

EMF radiation is a by-product of the electronic world we live in. Levels of EMF radiation are 100,000 times higher than it was a hundred years ago. Because it’s invisible, its effects on people, animals and plants are hard to assess. However, current scientific studies confirm that EMF radiation affects thousands of people around the world.

With the increase of many “modern” diseases, it’s hard to ignore the link that EMF radiation is an accompanying stressor at the cellular level manifesting as lower vitality and disease.

The ADR line of products will help decrease symptoms from electronic devices, while other ADR devices block them.

The ADRs are scientifically proven and are the winner of several awards worldwide.

To learn more, view the information on the ADR product pages.

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