The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation

The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation
The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation

Electric power is an essential world commodity in our technology-based society.  The health consequences of these developments can be difficult to predict and manage.

The influence of electric, electromagnetic (EM) and static magnetic fields on cells, tissues, plants, animals and human beings in everyday situations is of considerable interest.

Long-term exposure to electric and magnetic fields, even if of minor strength, has been reported to disturb people’s well being and increase the risk of certain types of diseases such as cancer, tumors, brain impairment, and immune system disorders, to name of few.

Day-to-day ailments such as blurred vision, mental fog, increase in stress levels, irritability (to name of few) can also be a result of overexposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and microwaves.  Protecting yourself from EMF radiation can increase your overall well being.

PROTECT YOURSELF!   Adermark has a line of products that can protect you from EMF radiation.  Below are three of our popular EMF Protection products.

See the Video Link below to learn how you can protect yourself from emfs and microwaves in your environment.

Video: How to protect yourself with ADR products

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ADR Protect Personal EMF Disc
ADR Protect: Personal EMF Protection
ADR Shield - Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Shield Home / Office EMF Protection
ADR Electric Radiation Shield Small
ADR Electric Radiation Mat



2 thoughts on “The Scary Truth About EMF Radiation

    1. Hello Maria,
      The ADR Shield is a ceramic disk infused with specially treated water at the molecular level. The ADR Shield passively helps to reduce the effects of emf, microwave and other negative radiation fields, according to the manufacturer, up to a 1,000 sq. ft. radius.

      Placing the ADR Shield is easy: Place the disc with the design face-up. Deciding where to place it may take a little more thought; to some degree it will depend on the size of the space. In other words you want to be within the radius of its circle of influence to derive benefits. For example if you spend a lot of time in a specific room that has a lot of electronics and wiring such as your computer set up, home electronics, router etc., then putting the ADR Shield in that area or close to the electrical outlets will work.

      If you spend your time upstairs or downstairs then that may be a better placement. For those that dowse using a pendulum or dowsing rod will help in more precise placements.

      It’s also worth noting that not all negative fields are horizontal: some are vertical as well. This means that some negative energies are the result of emanations arising from the Earth or underground water sources flowing beneath the structure. These “Earth” radiations arise upwards and to effect full protection an ADR Shield may be required for each floor of a multi-tiered dwelling. Of course if you reside in an apartment or condo complex the best you can do is protect your immediate space.

      Another method for testing where the best location to place the ADR Shield is “muscle testing.” If you test strong for the disc placement then you’re receiving the benefit. If you’re still testing weak then move the Shield to another position and try again.

      The advantage of the ADR Shield is that it is easy to move around and test until you achieve the best placement.

      Ideally I suggest wearing the ADR Protect and using the ADR Shield to increase resistance to emf, microwave and negative Earth radiations.

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