Book, Your Pendulum (Learn How to Dowse – Use a Pendulum or Dowsing Rod)


Your Pendulum Book by John Living

How to Ask Questions – And Get True Answers from Your Pendulum

46 pages.

Your Pendulum Booklet

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Your Pendulum by John Living is a simple book to help the novice dowser learn how to create a reliable dowsing method that will turn you into a confident and accurate dowser.

Topics covered are:
Using a Bobber
Training your Pendulum
Asking Questions
Map Dowsing
Dowsing for Water
Chakras and Spinal Systems
Home Safety
Feng Shui
Geopathic Energies>/br> And More!

46 Pages.

This booklet will help you use your “Power of Thought” for Good. Improve “Home Health”, locate water and improve quality and help your family have a better life.


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