Reader Style Pinhole Glasses to Improve Vision


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Reader Style Pinhole Glasses

Reader style is to improve your close vision.



Reader Style Pinhole Glasses
Please note that Pinhole glasses are not recommended for driving and should only be used as training tools in a safe environment.

The Natural Eyes Vision Training Kit is a tool for anyone who has weakened vision or is using a corrective lens as an aid, such as glasses, contact lenses, etc., and wants to improve their vision.

Vision is a major link between the outside world and the brain. Much of our experience comes through the eyes and is an important factor in how we relate to the world around us and how we interact within it.

The Natural Eyes Vision Training Kit may be new to many, however, it’s roots goes back in history where the same principles were used with success.

The Indian yogi, Pantanjali devised techniques to tone and condition the extraocular muscle more than 2,000 years ago. Also, the 7th century Greek physician Paulus Aeginta used a mask which had eye holes in it forcing the crossed eye to straighten out.


We often may not think about it, however, vision is more than just opening and shutting the eyes. Vision comprises more than ten different functions, the most common are:

1. Accommodation — the ability of the eyes to bring the eyes inward when looking at close objects.

2. Convergence — the ability to bring the eyes inward when looking at objects.

3. Divergence — the ability of the eyes to go outward when looking from far to near.

4. Version — the ability of the eyes to look and follow objects in all directions.

5. Stereopsis — the ability to judge the relative distance of objects and to see in three dimensions.

6. Saccades — the ability to quickly look from one object to another.

The Natural Eyes Vision Training Kit contains one set of Vision Training Glasses and booklet with easy to follow eye exercises.

No one says you cannot improve your vision over time, and now you can using the pinhole glasses and simple eye exercises.

95% of first time users will write me in disbelief that they were able to notice results immediately. The rest is up to you!


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