Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Nova brass pendulum is a contemporary style pendulum roundish with radial discs and a gentle, sloping terminal point.

2.5 cm / 31.0 gm – (0.98″ / 1.09 oz)

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The Nova brass pendulum is a hybrid of the round style pendulums combined with the energy plates found in the Isis brass pendulum.

The Nova brass pendulum is sensitive to mental receiving and broadcasting influences making this a general purpose pendulum suitable for any dowsing assignment.

The Nova brass pendulum is roundish with a gentle concave head sheltering 4 bands radially that act as antennae for greater mental projecting and receiving. The bottom portion of the Nova brass pendulum softly comes to a round point; not as abrupt as found on the Mermet brass pendulum.

2.5 cm / 31.0 gm – (0.98″ / 1.09 oz)



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