Bobber (Simple) Dowsing Rod


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This Simple or Basic Bobber is simply designed with a wood handle and ball head on a flexible lead.

31 cm / 23 gm – (12.2″ / 0.81 oz)


Bobbers come in many different sizes but function basically the same way: the dowser holds a handle with a flexible lead inserted with an attached counter-weight attached to the other end which allows the Bobber to swing or bob on both the horizontal and vertical axis.
This simple Bobber comes with a comfortable wood handle with a matching round wooden ball attached to a flexible lead.

This no frills device is better than using a stick!

31 cm / 23 gm – (12.2″ / 0.81 oz)

More fun than bobbin’ for apples, this utilitarian Simple Bobber gets the job done.



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