Reduce Errors with Precise Questions

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It’s common for seasoned dowsers to receive contradictory answers to what appear to be direct questions. In fact, sometimes the answers may not be what the dowser expected.

When this happens, the dowser must re-examine the question and try again.

I remember reading the story of someone who was map dowsing while in the passenger seat of the car. The gas gauge wasn’t working and so the passenger using a pendulum asked whether they had enough gas to make it to the next service station.

The answer was affirmative and so the party continued down the highway. Sometime later the car sputtered to a stop. The car had run out of gas.
So what went wrong? The dowser had a 50% chance of being right; the same odds as flipping a coin. One would think the odds should have favored the dowser.

But let’s give the dowser the benefit of the doubt. His experience and skill level was sufficient and he should have nailed the query and received the right answer.

If the answer was correct, then it means there was a disconnect between the dowser and the expressed question.

Dowsing is a precise language and the more general and vague the question the more general and unclear the answer will be.

When asking whether they had enough gas to get to the next gas station was the question precise enough.

I know what he was thinking and so do you. But gas has several definitions. Gas is matter in an inert state between solid and liquid. It could have meant gas as air in the tires. Or he might have just eaten a burrito and had enough gas to make it to the next gas station. I’m just saying.

If he asked if there was enough gasoline in the gas tank to make it to the gas station 30 miles away; and named the location he may have received a more precise answer.

Or maybe the dowser wasn’t in tune with his dowsing. I recommend doing an accuracy self-check when beginning a new line of inquiry.

The lesson is precise questions are necessary for clear answers. Then check the answer for accuracy. If you receive a different answer, you will need to rephrase the question.

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